Sunday, February 07, 2010

There was a football game today?~

hahaa.. yes I know there was.. but Im not into all that. As a matter of fact I think its still going on.

I spent most of the morning on Facebook playing Majonngg and doing paper work .. also a little kitchen clean up. oh.. and stirred up the comment section of Hobby Lobby-unintentionally.. goodeness, people are so easily offended.. its crazy! I really wish that HL was open on Sundays, its one of the only days I could have to myself to actually go somewhere alone and just shop-go down every isle and shop! But not at HL, they are closed on Sundays.. and while I understand this, I happened to point out that they were ironically posting on FB on Sunday the weeks specials.. what a tease when you arent even open!!! My comment sparked a Christian outburst. I consider myself a fairly spiritual person, I grew up in church and just because I chose not to go on Sundays does not mean that I disrespect those who do. I just think that we could all multitask on Sunday and the Good Lord isnt going to mind as long as we are good in our hearts! Anyway, I didnt mean to stir up things.. but did.. sighs*!!!

This afternoon I went into the scraproom. I got a LOT done in there. At least enough to where I could actually go in there and create.

I found out today that a forum I really liked disbursed in November.. whattttt? Creative Scrappers is no more? I knew itd been a while since Id been there, but was really disappointed to find out that they are no longer. ;( Where will I go to get the ins and outs of scrapbooking and show off my work when I get back into the swing of things. Ive visited many, had my own and still havent found anything quite like what Im looking for. Help.. suggestions please!

To be fair.. Creative Scrappers still has a blog with challenges and a facebook page with all other information. They still have a design team if you are into that.. so not all is lost, I just miss and enjoy the forum.

One thing for sure that I have decided is that when we move.. Im downsizing majorly in the scrap area. I wish Id known what I know now... ONLY BUY WHAT YOU'LL USE for a particular project! But the pretty papers.. oh my.. its ok, I dont have to have them all.. I have soo much and no room! Im also horrible at hoarding things to alter! I love to do it, but feel overwhelmed by it a lot. I think I need to set a goal to do one altered project per month. Or maybe I could send all my wood stuff to my friend Tam! hahaa.. she is the alter queen! ;) Check out her blog and her goodie store!!!


Angie said...

I knew you were a trouble maker, stiring things up at HL. LOL!! Good luck finding another forum like CS. I really miss it and haven't found another forum where I really feel like I belong.

Kimmy said...

oh bump those HL folks. I find it hilarious my super lesbian friend works there. It's probably not funny unless you knew her though...

Sad about CS too, loved those sketches.

Gina said...

I miss CS too . . . I haven't posted on a message board in ages unless you count FB! LOL :)