Friday, February 05, 2010

Oral what?~

Great... just great! hahaa.. I am not the type of person to ask "what next?".. but these past few weeks has got me to thinking that maybe I should have never heard that little question. Because now, Im at the risk of jinxing myself constantly by asking that lil 2 word question. ha!

So, today I was off work for my general doctor visit and a consult for my tooth that has been giving me fits. First up was the doc visit, which went FABULOUS!!! {except for the small little part about me taking myself off of my Prozac-bad Angi} hahaa.. He did put me back on the *happy pill* and doubled the dose-you go Dr. Shawahin!!! ;) Also, found out that this week.. drum roll please.. well in the past 5 days I have lost a whoppin' 13 pounds.. YES, 13 pounds!!!! I know in my heart of hearts its water weight, stress weight, but man.. I did the happy HAPPY dance! It hasnt even been a full 7 days! I can already tell a little bit of difference in the roll disappearing right below my boobs.. it had gotten to where I was really uncomfy. But surely its going away.. and btw, that is ALWAYS where I lose weight first, my mid section and boobs. NICE.. cuz now they are really going to sag! hahaha.. but who cares right? As long as I dont have to struggle over bending over to put on my shoes or perform a circus act to get my pedicure on.. Im all about it! Everything else checked out ok and we discussed the 6month specified diet that he was to guide me through according to the insurance. I told him that Id like to discuss it further with Todd and make an appointment to start within the next month.

Second up today was going to the dentist. uhgh..I was soooo nervous! I thought I was going to hyperventilate! He just laid me back further than I ever recall and took xrays and told me that I will need oral surgery because my tooth that had mid root canal/ready for crown was crumbling apart and that there were 3 big roots that were entangled in the sinuses... GREAT huh?.. So he said they would open that up, take the tooth out and close up the sinuses. So, although I have an answer, the cost is outrageous and I cant get into the oral surgeon until March.. so I have to wait, take even more antibiotics and hope it doesnt abscess again.. it will however give me a chance to save moolah to pay for the whole shebang!

oh quick story! My friend and co-worker Matt had referred me to the dentist I saw today. He said man he is cheap and he lets you make payments and all.. for less than $100 bux you can get your tooth pulled. I was like wow, but cautious too.. hahaa And after speaking to the secretaries several times I thought oh my they must be hitting the bottle at lunch too.. real raspy, loopy voices hahaa. So I tell Matt and he said well its the dentists mother who works there and they are a little "old school". He later told Todd that the dentist actually looked like a lounge manager for a strip club or some kind of porn directory {nice huh?} lol.. sooo with this in mind Todd took off and went with me today. We get in there and dude, they are soooo "old school" for real, they were still using ledger cards for payments,.. I didnt see a typewriter / computer or nothin! The decor was 1970ish with an actual couch, love seat and chair all in orange/brown plaid with heavy wood accents. It was dark and there was music playing. Todd and I sank almost to the floor when we sat down on the couch. As I was filling out the paper work, we were giggling bout the decor'... all the sudden "Lets Get It On" came over the speakers!!!! NO LIE!!! haha We DIED! hahaaa

And.. last but certainly not least.. I got a new tattoo today.. Im sooo happy and in love with it. An early Valentines present. Todds initial *T* on my ring finger. Ive been looking for about a year for something like this and finally found the right font and size and just WENT FOR IT today! I surprised Todd at lunch with it, by asking him how he liked my nails. It took him a while to actually see the tattoo because he was looking at the nails LOL, but the twinkle in his eye, the smile and the blushing gave it all away. He really loves it and loves me for doing something so permanent to show him my love. My true love! ;o)

Have a great weekend!!! We are going to relax.. I may even clean my scrapbook room! woot!


Amie said...

Wow, Ang! Lots going on with you!! So sorry about the root canal...ugh! Sounds like it'll be an intersting ride with Dr. Feelgood!! Way to go with the tattoo. Todd will be all about the lovin' tonight! And woot woot congrats on the 13 pounds. DUDE!

Angie said...

Dang, you have been busy girl. 13 pounds is awesome, WTG!!! I love the tat and your nails! Have a great weekend!

Kimmy said...

That's really beautiful. I like how it's swirly artistic as well as it is the T, ya know? My mom just got my stepdad's name on her front hip, but don't tell Grandma! Ha ha!

and oh wow! 13 lbs. is more than just water weight. Congrats sweetie!

Gina said...

OMGoodness . . . what a story and I'm sure it will be the story you two keep telling over and over! LOL :) Did your NEW Tattoo hurt on your finger, I always figured fingers and toes would hurt ALOT! LOL :)