Saturday, February 13, 2010

He likes~

First off... Happy Valentines Day!!! Did you do anything special? Did you get something special or do something special with your loved ones?

I got my tattoo and Todd took me out for Gyros on our cheat day from our diet.. so that made me super happy. I got him a kelly green Cardinals jersey and a headset for his PS3. We got the boys Tony Hawk jammies. hehee :)

Well its been relatively boring around here.. just the same old stuff day in and day out.. work, home, home stuff, work, sleep. This week was really hard on the diet front.. I wanted to gnaw my arm off on a daily basis, but I did good. I lost 3 pounds which isnt bad considering I kinda fell off the wagon towards the end. I had a hard time planning out the menu this week and bringing what I needed to keep me going through the work day. I plan on doing better this next week. My friend Gina suggested the Crystal Light Mango Peach Green Tree and let me just say it was AWESOME! I drank so much more water! So much I ran out! haha I dont miss my Pepsi at all, but I did suffer from a stinking migraine Friday. I ended up having to take off work. I did however start feeling better later in the day and was able to have a good Friday in spite of!

Last weekend I got to tear into my scraproom and do some organizing. I have way too much stuff that Im afraid I will NEVER use.. I want to sell it all and start over I think that would be cool. But I probably wont. What I will do though is when we move have my girlfriends come over and loot the joint. hehee Anyway, back to the point. I found a bag of stuff from Archivers that hadnt been opened even.. crazy huh?.. So I got it out and found a photo {one of my favs} of Hunter and whipped up a layout. The photo is kinda fuzzy because its a cell phone photo..but you get the jist. I think its my first layout of 2010.. I hope I can do more.. I just need to "feel it".

Hope your weekend is good.. and that your Valentine was sweet! ;)


Amie said...

Aww great layout! And 3 lbs is awesome! I kinda fell off the wagon tonight too, food just tastes so good. :) Happy V-day!

Jenn K said...

That layout is great! Congrats on losing 3 pounds that is awesome! Happy Valentines Day!

Kimmy said...

ahh i love that page! 3 lbs IS fantastic! I'm trying to think of the foods I did. I know one thing I did that helped a lot. I'm big on condiments and I went out and re-bought everything with the lowest calories possible. Makes a big difference when my regular serving of ranch dressing is like 300 calories (I use a lot!) and the diet ranch is about 90. That's almost a complete meal. I can't even tell the difference with diet mayo & butter.

Gina said...

Such a CUTE LO of your lil man! :) Glad to see you back creating, it's a good feeling, huh? I LOVE the peach mango green tea . . . I'm glad you do to! :)