Wednesday, February 24, 2010

One crazy kid~

Yes he is crazy- that boy of mine Preston! He really isnt a boy anymore.. heck he will be 21 in a couple months.. but for real. Sometimes I dont know if he is thinking or what is going on in his brain. hahaa. Im glad he is living life though.. that there is super important. He is still recovering from his wrist surgery and off work.. so I guess with tons of time off you just have to find moments to goof around. hahaa The photo above is of him goofing around with fake mustache and whatever that is called below his lip. hahaa He said he was just trying to grow things out.. yeah right! LOL

The other night he and Rachel took a drive in the dark.. then he called and ended up texting me for directions to an OLD burr oak in McBaine, MO. A very cool hangout spot that we used to go to for years. Its one of the biggest burr oaks in Missouri. There is lots of history to this tree, there is even a fan page on Facebook for it! hahaa. So he made it down there, but it was dark of course and they couldnt take pics.. ;( The next day he called me and said that they had spent the night in Columbia and were going back to the *big tree*.. so I begged for a photo.. this is the shot he got... I totally love it. I am however a bit disappointed that they have this now paved, but the good thing is it helps with this area since its by the Missouri River and it floods constantly!
Lastly... the kid went ICE SKATING!!!! Can you believe that???? A broken wrist with a new screw and its not even healed and he went ice skating for the first time. What was he thinking? Argghhh.. He did good, sent me a video so I could heart attack! hahaa.. I wish I could figure out how to share.. he did really good, but still... *shakes head* ***ETA hopefully it shows up... here is the video!

In other news.. no weight loss or gain this week.. I have been pretty bad ;( Oh well, just try and try again right? Other than that, been working and going home and watching American Idol and playing around on Facebook {My Town} haha.

I plan on doing some scrapping in the near future and have applied to be a guest for Creative Scrappers, they are celebrating their 2 year anniversary. Check it out on their page! Click on the icon on the right column of my blog for more info! I made a couple of cards and altered a flask of all things....totally forgot to take pics! ;(

One last thing.. a friend of mine recently had a stroke. Please say a little prayer for her recovery, she is real sweet and far too young for this to be happening in her life. Her name is Patty! Thank you!!!

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Gina said...

Boys, BOYS, Boys . . . that they will be! LOL :) At least he knows how to have a good time!