Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Let them eat cake!!!~

I just love the sayings surrounding cake... my favorite... wait.. I'll leave that for last. haha

Thought Id share a layout of my nieces daughter Jadyn from Thanksgiving. I did this for a pastels Spring is in the Air Challenge that Cristal posted over at 8up. I dont know why, but I always find it so difficult to work with not only pastels, but multiple pictures too. But I didnt think this turned out too bad. This past weekend, Hunter and I baked a cake. Id been craving an Oatmeal cake.. its a heavy cake, one that my Mom used to make... I guess its most like a spice cake. The icing is like that you use on top of a German Chocolate. Hunter is so cute... he always wants to sit on the counter and break eggs or add spices. It helps with his counting. His most important lesson this weekend though was not to add hot liquid {melted butter} on top of the raw eggs. He was like *oh Mommy.. yucky scrambled eggs in our cake.. yuck*!!! Great together time... makes me feel...
*Happier than a fat kid eating cake*.... and there ya have it. Enjoy the week!


Cat said...

Super cute page! And great story about together time with Hunter...ewwy to the scrambled eggs in the cake!

beckster said...

i like cake. i like the cake LO. i want to eat it.