Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A quickie~

Just a quick check in. Not really a bunch new stuff going on. Ive managed to do a 2 page layout for a photo swap and a Valentines card for my Mom and her husband that are traveling right now heading for Arizona to settle for the winter. I think, although Im not sure, but thinking that my card helped win me a super prize from the Nook!!! I'll fill you in later on that. It could have been a different one I submitted, but Im seriously not sure, it could have just been luck of the draw you know. haha. Anyway, Im pretty happy about it. I didnt even think there was a prize for it, but Leah says..oh yes, feel like a winner. haha ok, thank you I will. Lets see... all of us have had the FLU... goodeness it was horrible. I know there are tons others out there fighting it... if you are.. get well. My method of success was or at least Im thinking.. was taking Deep Congestion Comtrex with a mix of Sudafed too. I just hope we dont pass it on to one another constantly. That would be NO fun. Sooo Im off to work on 2 projects..an About Me challenge and some altered index for the girls at 8up. Should be quite the project, I need to make 15. I also printed out about 4 nice pics to do layouts with.. cant wait... so be on the lookout!!! ;)


Blueyecicle said...

You won a prize? I want to see.

becky said...

damn and here i thought quickie was something better hahaha. congrats on your maybe win?!?! hehe.