Wednesday, February 20, 2008

He's a rocker!!!~

Now, when Aunt Melly got this guitar for Hunters 2nd birthday we were all like OH NO!!!-More noise??? Seriously though this kid finally a year later totally LOVES his guitar and often will come out of his room strumming the guitar on the couch but usually he wants to ROCK. Like last night when we were watching American Idol. He ran to his room came out with his guitar and was really watching the TV and rocking to The Doors tune Light My Fire! I got the camera quick because I wanted to catch him really into it. About the time I was ready to take the shot he spun around and this is the photo I captured. I just love him... These will be the good memories of a rockin', ever moody 3 year old. hehee :)

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beckster said...

i LOVE it! i cant wait to see the LO of this!