Monday, August 30, 2010

Do ya doodle???

I do.. I doodle all day some days.... hahaa and it is quite obvious from my desk calendar at work!!! You see at work sometimes Im on hold a LOT... and what else to do if I have all my other work done and have no other multi-tasking to do.... doodle! I miss the days of doodling, drawing and coloring. Its been a perk having to help Hunter with his homework when we get to color!!! hehee. Oh, and it is also obvious that I eat a lot of Chinese food... and keep the good fortunes... hoping some day they all come true. :)

Do you save your fortunes?

Do ya doodle? color? draw? paint?.... If you used to and havent done it in a while, pull out some crayons or markers and get to it... it will make you feel like a kid again... dont forget to lay on the floor, kick your feet around and drink some chocolate milk while doin' it! :)


Funny lil thing..

So we recently switched internet/cable tv to Att U-verse and per their promotion we were awarded a $200.00 gift debit card. Now, with this debit card you have to use it all down to the penny, you cant go over and only certain places will take it. Heck, even Att wouldnt take it as a payment. So I was pretty nervous using it.

Luckily for me I had this and was able to use it to put a down payment on a cabin for the weekend of my nieces wedding in October. That was only about 96.00. I used it a couple times for lunch also. It left a balance of 51.43, so we decided to fill up the tank with gas. Knowing it wouldnt take 51.00 I told Todd well try real hard to get 41.43. Well the gas station would only let us use it in whole amounts hence 41.00. .... so that left the balance of 10.43. Where would I use exactly 10.43????

Well this past Friday Todd and I went to lunch .. both saying wouldnt it be cool if it came to 10.43.. and we were both like.. yeah right. Well we got our total.. it was 8.00 something. and we were like oh darn.. but yay a cheap lunch for 2 right!!! Well I get to the window to pickup the food and find out that Todd didnt get the soda he ordered. She added it on and violaaaaa it was 10.43!!!! We high fived and were laughing so hard that we spent that exact amount.

I tell ya.. its the funny lil things that make a person smile! ;)
Have a great week!!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

His very 1st~

Hunter got his very first Red Rider BB gun this weekend. His Dad, without my knowledge.. promised him a BB gun if he completed all of his chores, school work and extra school work this past week. He did successfully and with great pride and joy. I thought it was a bit pre-mature, but a country boy will do what a country boy will do! I think we should have waited for the semester end... oooyyyy ;)Anyway.. here it is and here he is so proud. Maybe this will be incentive to keep up the good work, because he knows if he doesnt he doesnt get to shoot it!

He really is a *dead eye* as he explains to me while taking photos! hehee :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

It was a FULL weekend!

Uncle Greg and my sister-in-law Melly!

Uncle Greg
Johnny and Hunter fencing!

Here comes the rain!
Storm watchers {preston and rachel}

Nasty clouds!!!

Me and Preston hanging out!

Well, its about time I posted about last weekend huh? hahaa. I have had a very busy week at work and just no time to do diddly! Ive been working lots of overtime this week. But back to regular schedule next. And then onto billing which I dread, especially since my helper Nancy moved away!
Anyway, last weekend was pretty short and sweet. After Prestons graduation we hung out with my Mom and her husband in their hotel room and then Preston, Rachel and I went back to Dads, hung out and watched the storms with Todd and Hunter and then went out to dinner. By the time we left the restaurant it was raining so heavily that I could only drive about 24m.p.h. and the lightning was so close I kept seeing the flashes.. Yikes!

Saturday morning we got up and headed out of town and back home.. got home dropped everything and took a nap. Got up and headed out to do grocery shopping. We didnt get home til 9pm Saturday night. arghh.

Sunday we got up and I cleaned house a bit and made some buffet potatoes per Uncle Gregs request and we left for the bbq held for Uncle Greg Sunday afternoon. {Uncle Greg is Todds Uncle and we are so close to him, but he lives in Texas boohiss! So we dont see him but once a year} I loved seeing him and all of Todds uncles and old friends... and cousins. My kid loved playing with theirs too.. and Johnny of course! ;)

Wow.. so that was last weekend... What are you up to this weekend?
The weather here has been absolutely beautiful!!! Tonight Im headed out to get Justice. Preston and Rachel are up for a Rascal Flatts concert/Six Flags and tomorrow I am planning on washing the car, spending time in the yard swing and sitting around the campfire tomorrow night with family and friends! Im going to look for and get these huge marshmallows to toast.. I saw them at Walmart the other night and they look like sooo much fun!!!

Have a great weekend!!! :)

Monday, August 23, 2010


Well after a longggg summer, I am finally able to blog about Preston being in the Police Academy and ultimately his graduation this past weekend! I cannot express how proud, proud, proud I am of my son! Preston completed his Police Academy and is now an official Peace Officer. He went to school at the University of Missouri via their Law Enforcement Training Institute. It was a 600 hour school but as the instructors said it was actually over 750 by the time all was said and done.

The photo above is a class photo. Preston is in the last row on the right 4th from bottom {behind bald guy} hehee. These were the uniforms they wore to class daily. They also had red bands on their wrists and name tags that they were not allowed to take off and if they did 80 push ups for the whole class. Preston forgot his name tag twice during the year :O hahaa, and boy did he pay for it. Not only was he embarrassed but he had the whole class on his buns!

The next two photos are of Preston accepting his certificate and being congratulated by the Administrator and Instructors. Can you believe I really didnt cry... only a couple of times I got choked up. My heart was about to burst and I almost threw up on the way to the ceremony thanks to the nerves! :)

Proud Momma moment!!! :)

My Moms proud moment.. I was so happy she made it. He was happy too!

I have such a good kid.. it was soooo hot and I drug him up through campus after his party just so I could get a picture of him in front of Jesse Auditorium!!! He only complained a little bit, but smiled real big for the picture ;)

It was a bit stressful planning a luncheon for Preston being in another state, but it all came through, the decorations, the cake... the location/restaurant was all SUPER good! And all the family was there. The only one missing was Justice and believe me, Im still steaming over that one. ;( We made the best of it and had a good time in spite. I think Preston had a really good time and was happy with the turn out. He sure had a very proud crowd behind him!

As for Prestons future plans.. well he wants to volunteer at the Academy and do some Auxiliary police work getting to know the smaller towns and working with the bigger towns around us. He is also working part time back at his old place of employment Ovid Bell {which is a printing press}. He hopes to go back to college and get his Associates so that he can go on to be either a City police officer or some kind of high risk security.

I couldnt ask for a more respectful, honest and fair son. Congrats Preston and many best wishes in all your future endeavors.. You make this Momma proud!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

You and Me..

Most of our days are "to be determined".. and most of them are shared with laughter, love and blessings. I couldnt ask for a more wonderful relationship being married to my best friend! I want to grow old with this man... I want this love to never end. Happy 6th Anniversary Todd, I love you... *more*.

Eta: Our anniversary is Friday the 20th, but since I will be out of town ... thought Id post now :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

A couple of things..

This weekend I did manage to get some scrapping in. I get so overwhelmed when I go into my room that I almost dont want to even do anything anymore. I wish I could just start all over. Clear everything and only buy what I need for a specific project. Ohhhh but the papers are just sooo pretty. Just like this card for example. I loveee the Basic Grey dinosaurs papers. I used them on this card for my Dads birthday card. I was going to say something like older than dinosaurs but decided against it in the end hahahaa. Its simple, but hey I managed. And I got the twine idea from my friend Jenn! :)

I also finished this... can you believe Ive been working on this for about 3 weeks in my spare time? I just couldnt figure out how I wanted to do it or work it. Ahh but finally it all came together this weekend. I love the red and brown together. I think I may give it as a gift..or maybe as a blog giveaway! I got the frame from Big Lots.. it was only 50 cents!!! So what a deal ya know. I bought 3 so and gave 1 away to my niece, but still have another to do. Cant wait!

I also made the teacher an altered treat can. I wish Id taken a pic of it.. it was so stinkin' cute. Im going to make another so I'll be sure to post a pic of it soon. Save your crystal light containers because thats what I used, it only took an hour to pull together so I know you'll want to try it when you see it.

Today is Hunters first full day of school.. and Im not going to lie...I came home, cried ... no... sobbed. I went straight to his bedroom and laid on his bed crying my pea-pickin' heart out. I knew today would be hard on me, but I didnt realize just how much. *sighs*

I have lots to do this week, its Prestons graduation on Friday and we are out of here on Thursday- so I hope I can post a bit more through out the week... if not.. have a great one folks. I'll be back with details of the graduation and pictures!!! :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I really dont like you!

You are hot, humid and generally a pain in my buns! If it werent for my parents birthdays, Hunters first day of school, our anniversary and Prestons graduation this month... well Id just rather sleep right through you... in the a/c of course! And to have 31 days... what an insult!

{Ramblings brought to you by an insomniac who is irritated that this months wake up time in the middle of the night happens to be 4am instead of the good ol' 2:30am wake ups...gah!}

Saturday, August 14, 2010


at this point.. its how I feel too! hehehee

Hope you are having a great weekend! ;O)

Friday, August 13, 2010

and he is OFF...

to Kindergarten that is!Hunter started a new chapter in his little life today. He went to school for the very first time! He only had a 2 hour day today, but it was anxiety filled and happy!
Hunter had also insisted on riding the bus. He did get that panic look on his face when it actually pulled up but we hugged him and told him it would be OK! Off he went. We got into the truck and followed the bus to school. He didnt know we did that or that I was following, watching, yearning to help him and snapping as many pics as I could. heheeHe turned and saw me and I walked with him to his class line outside. Once the bell rang we all went to his classroom {kids and parents}. We all said the Pledge of Allegiance {I'M SO HAPPY they still do this!!!} and then the teacher read the kids a story that left all of the parents shedding tears. It was called The Kissing Hand. What a cruel thing to do to us parents huh? hehee After that the kids were on their own to learn about one another and the teacher. He then rode the bus home and got off with a huge smile. I think the day was a sure success!I did really super good compared to how emotional I usually am and only shed the tears during the story, and seriously wouldnt have if I hadnt seen the other Moms and Dads tearing up. Todd did really well too. Altho I did think he was going to get on the bus with Hunter. He wouldnt let him go and told the bus driver to please take care of his baby and make sure nothing happened to him! hehee
He described his 1st day as a little scary and a lot happy! hehee

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Momma told me..

There are SEVERAL things my Momma told me.. but one of the ones I still carry with me today is: "Don't ever ask why honey.. likely hood is that you will not like the answers, so don't waste your time asking why!"
So when I saw this little inspiration poster I thought of that quote from my Momma! Shout to my Mom-Gloria!!! ... I love ya. ps: she is the spitting image of me.. only tinier hahaaa ;)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"Karma is a funny thing"

Have you ever seen the show My Name is Earl? Well.. the premise of the show is exactly why I'm writing todays blog. Karma is a funny thing.
The story of Earl is as follows: Earl is a low-life who buys a winning lottery ticket, only to get hit by a car, losing the ticket in the process. He then realizes in the hospital that his bad luck is the result of karma in which fate punishes him for all the rotten things he's ever done in his life; therefore, he then decides to dedicate his life to making amends to all the people he has hurt in his life.

So anyway... Karma. I got it and got it good. The story: Recently a client came into my office and asked if I'd like to come to a dinner/talk for her employer which was a Spine and Wellness center. hmmmm Free dinner? Talking about medical stuff... sure I'm in right?!!
It was the last week of Nancy being here {see previous Nancy posts} and I asked her to be my guest and go with as well as one of the girls I work with. Free dinner, talking back pain, headaches and general aches was perfect for a girls night out! ;) haha especially at my age! *Snort*

We get to the dinner.. which was OUT OF THIS world I may add, perfect Italian place with outstanding food... listen to the guest speaker, ask all kinds of questions and tried not to act so interested as that we would be pestered at a later date. Anyway.. the speaker asks us to fill out all these papers and it includes our name/address/phone number. I knew I wasn't going to go to this place... so I did it. I lied! I put a false name/address/phone number and told my friend from work to do the same. She said she couldn't do that!!! I was like ok.. well they are going to be relentless in trying to get you to go there. {And sure enough they did in the end} So as the night drew to a close I started feeling more and more guilty about it and eventually changed mine back to the correct info, just requesting that I get no phone calls. I felt good about changing it and felt bad for thinking that way to begin with. Terrible Ang.. terrible!

I drive home... get out of the car... and BAMMMMM, karma bit me straight in the rump!!! I tripped on my flip flops and fell right into the exterior mirror of my truck. I cannot tell you the immense pain that ensued! Luckily I did hit the mirror and not the ground, no telling what kind of shape Id been in then! It threw my body into a complete torque and I was sore for two days afterwards.. and still today 2 weeks later still have a bruise and heavy contusion under the skin!!!
Never ever will I ever do something like that again. Its true "Karma is a funny thing" ;O)

Lesson learned... I'm only human!

Monday, August 09, 2010

Short visit *back home*...

Lets see.. Im so far behind on blogging.. but Im trying really hard to catch up! Not this past weekend, but the weekend before I took a little trip back home by myself and did some visiting with Justice, Dad and Preston. Mostly Justice! While traveling, I saw several bad accidents luckily they were on the opposite side of the highway, but still, it left me feeling cautious and nauseated all at once. I drove straight through light rain and as I approached the county line back home I came up a huge hill and saw this!!!!I was freaking OUT! I thought for sure Id see this cloud touch down and Id be a gonner! As I passed the cloud it started raining so hard that traffic basically stopped. I actually had to put on my flashers and pull over as did everyone else. By the time I got to the country road leading me to Dads there was so much water over the road I was scared it may carry me away. I think I was being over sensitive but after that hard rain and black sky I was a big ol scare-d-cat!!!

Got to town finally, picked up Justice and headed to Dads. He had a huge pot of chicken and noodles ready.. they were so awesome! Preston and Rachel joined us and we spent the evening just visiting.

The next day we got up and got ready and I took all the kids to the mall. JC Penney was having a crazy crazy sale. I got so much stuff I couldnt hardly carry it all. Took the kids out to Chinese and had a good time talking with Rachel and Preston about their future plans.

Later that night Dad took Justice and I out to the Mexican place in town, its our fav! We then took a small drive and ended up at my brothers house to visit with him and the nieces and nephews. I then took Dad and dropped him off at the local Bar/Grill with his friends and the Justice and I headed to the late show.It was good to have a date night with just Justice, Im sad that I didnt get a picture of us together when we went to see the movie Despicable Me. But the memories will last a life time right!?! BTW, the movie was awesome. We had to go to the late show, I was scared that Id get super tired since we had such a busy day, but it held my attention and I admired Steve Carrells voice the entire time. :) Id highly recommend the movie. It was very touching as well!

The next day Justice and I had breakfast together at the park, dropped him off and I headed home.

On the way home I stopped and visited with my ol girlfriend Kerrie. I havent seen her in almost 8 years!!! So it was nice to catch up. As a matter of fact I stayed there for 4 hours just chit chatting. I hope as time goes by we can mend some fences and become best friends again. We had been best friends since 3rd grade for heavens sake. Just so much crap and time has came between us. But this was a good step forward I believe. :)

Finally.. home!