Monday, August 23, 2010


Well after a longggg summer, I am finally able to blog about Preston being in the Police Academy and ultimately his graduation this past weekend! I cannot express how proud, proud, proud I am of my son! Preston completed his Police Academy and is now an official Peace Officer. He went to school at the University of Missouri via their Law Enforcement Training Institute. It was a 600 hour school but as the instructors said it was actually over 750 by the time all was said and done.

The photo above is a class photo. Preston is in the last row on the right 4th from bottom {behind bald guy} hehee. These were the uniforms they wore to class daily. They also had red bands on their wrists and name tags that they were not allowed to take off and if they did 80 push ups for the whole class. Preston forgot his name tag twice during the year :O hahaa, and boy did he pay for it. Not only was he embarrassed but he had the whole class on his buns!

The next two photos are of Preston accepting his certificate and being congratulated by the Administrator and Instructors. Can you believe I really didnt cry... only a couple of times I got choked up. My heart was about to burst and I almost threw up on the way to the ceremony thanks to the nerves! :)

Proud Momma moment!!! :)

My Moms proud moment.. I was so happy she made it. He was happy too!

I have such a good kid.. it was soooo hot and I drug him up through campus after his party just so I could get a picture of him in front of Jesse Auditorium!!! He only complained a little bit, but smiled real big for the picture ;)

It was a bit stressful planning a luncheon for Preston being in another state, but it all came through, the decorations, the cake... the location/restaurant was all SUPER good! And all the family was there. The only one missing was Justice and believe me, Im still steaming over that one. ;( We made the best of it and had a good time in spite. I think Preston had a really good time and was happy with the turn out. He sure had a very proud crowd behind him!

As for Prestons future plans.. well he wants to volunteer at the Academy and do some Auxiliary police work getting to know the smaller towns and working with the bigger towns around us. He is also working part time back at his old place of employment Ovid Bell {which is a printing press}. He hopes to go back to college and get his Associates so that he can go on to be either a City police officer or some kind of high risk security.

I couldnt ask for a more respectful, honest and fair son. Congrats Preston and many best wishes in all your future endeavors.. You make this Momma proud!!!


~ Rada Rhythm and Rhyme~ said...

What an awesome accomplishment! And P.S. I'll get your headband in the mail soon...I promise!

linda said...

Way to go Preston..Congratulations on this accomplishment. Angi you have raised a great son and you should be very very proud

Amie said...

How awesome!! Lots of hard work for sure!