Monday, August 30, 2010

Funny lil thing..

So we recently switched internet/cable tv to Att U-verse and per their promotion we were awarded a $200.00 gift debit card. Now, with this debit card you have to use it all down to the penny, you cant go over and only certain places will take it. Heck, even Att wouldnt take it as a payment. So I was pretty nervous using it.

Luckily for me I had this and was able to use it to put a down payment on a cabin for the weekend of my nieces wedding in October. That was only about 96.00. I used it a couple times for lunch also. It left a balance of 51.43, so we decided to fill up the tank with gas. Knowing it wouldnt take 51.00 I told Todd well try real hard to get 41.43. Well the gas station would only let us use it in whole amounts hence 41.00. .... so that left the balance of 10.43. Where would I use exactly 10.43????

Well this past Friday Todd and I went to lunch .. both saying wouldnt it be cool if it came to 10.43.. and we were both like.. yeah right. Well we got our total.. it was 8.00 something. and we were like oh darn.. but yay a cheap lunch for 2 right!!! Well I get to the window to pickup the food and find out that Todd didnt get the soda he ordered. She added it on and violaaaaa it was 10.43!!!! We high fived and were laughing so hard that we spent that exact amount.

I tell ya.. its the funny lil things that make a person smile! ;)
Have a great week!!!


Amie said...

What a fun way to spend $200! (and a four dollar drink? wow!)

Jenn K said...

Love your story!