Friday, August 13, 2010

and he is OFF...

to Kindergarten that is!Hunter started a new chapter in his little life today. He went to school for the very first time! He only had a 2 hour day today, but it was anxiety filled and happy!
Hunter had also insisted on riding the bus. He did get that panic look on his face when it actually pulled up but we hugged him and told him it would be OK! Off he went. We got into the truck and followed the bus to school. He didnt know we did that or that I was following, watching, yearning to help him and snapping as many pics as I could. heheeHe turned and saw me and I walked with him to his class line outside. Once the bell rang we all went to his classroom {kids and parents}. We all said the Pledge of Allegiance {I'M SO HAPPY they still do this!!!} and then the teacher read the kids a story that left all of the parents shedding tears. It was called The Kissing Hand. What a cruel thing to do to us parents huh? hehee After that the kids were on their own to learn about one another and the teacher. He then rode the bus home and got off with a huge smile. I think the day was a sure success!I did really super good compared to how emotional I usually am and only shed the tears during the story, and seriously wouldnt have if I hadnt seen the other Moms and Dads tearing up. Todd did really well too. Altho I did think he was going to get on the bus with Hunter. He wouldnt let him go and told the bus driver to please take care of his baby and make sure nothing happened to him! hehee
He described his 1st day as a little scary and a lot happy! hehee

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Jenn K said...

Oh How wonderful! Thanks for sharing this...and how sweet that you followed the bus to school to make sure everything went alright, sounds like something I would do. I am so happy that his first day was terrific!