Monday, August 09, 2010

Short visit *back home*...

Lets see.. Im so far behind on blogging.. but Im trying really hard to catch up! Not this past weekend, but the weekend before I took a little trip back home by myself and did some visiting with Justice, Dad and Preston. Mostly Justice! While traveling, I saw several bad accidents luckily they were on the opposite side of the highway, but still, it left me feeling cautious and nauseated all at once. I drove straight through light rain and as I approached the county line back home I came up a huge hill and saw this!!!!I was freaking OUT! I thought for sure Id see this cloud touch down and Id be a gonner! As I passed the cloud it started raining so hard that traffic basically stopped. I actually had to put on my flashers and pull over as did everyone else. By the time I got to the country road leading me to Dads there was so much water over the road I was scared it may carry me away. I think I was being over sensitive but after that hard rain and black sky I was a big ol scare-d-cat!!!

Got to town finally, picked up Justice and headed to Dads. He had a huge pot of chicken and noodles ready.. they were so awesome! Preston and Rachel joined us and we spent the evening just visiting.

The next day we got up and got ready and I took all the kids to the mall. JC Penney was having a crazy crazy sale. I got so much stuff I couldnt hardly carry it all. Took the kids out to Chinese and had a good time talking with Rachel and Preston about their future plans.

Later that night Dad took Justice and I out to the Mexican place in town, its our fav! We then took a small drive and ended up at my brothers house to visit with him and the nieces and nephews. I then took Dad and dropped him off at the local Bar/Grill with his friends and the Justice and I headed to the late show.It was good to have a date night with just Justice, Im sad that I didnt get a picture of us together when we went to see the movie Despicable Me. But the memories will last a life time right!?! BTW, the movie was awesome. We had to go to the late show, I was scared that Id get super tired since we had such a busy day, but it held my attention and I admired Steve Carrells voice the entire time. :) Id highly recommend the movie. It was very touching as well!

The next day Justice and I had breakfast together at the park, dropped him off and I headed home.

On the way home I stopped and visited with my ol girlfriend Kerrie. I havent seen her in almost 8 years!!! So it was nice to catch up. As a matter of fact I stayed there for 4 hours just chit chatting. I hope as time goes by we can mend some fences and become best friends again. We had been best friends since 3rd grade for heavens sake. Just so much crap and time has came between us. But this was a good step forward I believe. :)

Finally.. home!


Amie said...

lovin' your vacay pics! What a storm, holy cow! And yay for Despicable Me! :)

Jenn K said...

Sounds like a busy but great trip.