Monday, February 02, 2009

Ok gang.. Listen up~

I jinxi aka angi now have GREY hair. Yup, I discovered the infectious strands last week. At first I thought it was just the lighting in the bathroom at work. I asked Todd and he said no, just looks like your color is fading some... {he is blind as a bat!}.. I looked again and though well thats not grey, its just a silvery shimmer {and again blamed the lighting} and then I asked my coworker... "Do you think this is grey hair?"... She examined my scalp and said.. "let me put on my glasses", I started to panic, I think I actually broke out in a sweat... she pulled the strands apart, focused and friendly.. and exclaimed "yes, I do believe those are some grey hairs".. OH LORDDDDD!!!! She even yanked one out and put it against her black calendar.. yup, certainty had hit me smack in the head. I now have grey hair. Of course I told my coworker that I was sure it was silver.. kinda like my Moms silvery brown. hehee ;o)
So... in the spirit of how most Moms earn those grey hairs... I thought Id complete this Baby Story tag that I had seen on Amies blog. Id never seen anything quite like this.. so thought wow, I think I will. Also, in celebration for my friend Kimmy who today had a lil baby boy named Sam! Woot Woot!!! ;o)

My Baby Story x 3
1. Where were you when you first found out you were pregnant?
1st: At work in the lab {worked in Dr's office}
2nd: At home in my bathroom.
3rd: At work in the lab {worked in Dr's office}

2. Who was with you?
1st: No one
2nd: Bill my husband, aka Baby Daddy!
3rd: No one

3. What was your first reaction?
1st: Excited and Scared
2nd: SUPER excited

4.What was your husband's reaction?
1st: Im not sure, he was real quiet.
2nd: SUPER excited
3rd: FREAKED OUT {stared at the wall in his game room for 3 days straight-no joke}

5. Who was the first person you told?
1st: My husband Randy
2nd: Bill-husband
3rd: Natalie-my friend and co-worker

6. Were the pregnancies planned?
1st: No
2nd: YES
3rd: uhhh... heck NO

7. Was everyone happy for you?
1st: No, Randys Mom was sooo mad!
2nd: YES
3rd: No-everyone thought I was too old! ;(

8. What was the sex?
1st: Boy
2nd: Boy
3rd: Boy

9. What was the nursery theme/colors?
1st: Blues and Greens-Seasame Street stuff
2nd: Old Time Winnie the Pooh
3rd: Camo

10. Did anyone throw a shower for you?
1st: 2 family showers
2nd: 1 family shower
3rd: umm, I dont think so

11. Did you get any outfits you wouldn't use?
1st: Dont remember
2nd: No, loved everything and saved almost all of it.
3rd: No, loved everything and still have some.. haha {I dont know why-crazy}

12. How much weight did you gain?
1st: hmmm I cant remember, Im thinking like 30ish?
2nd: 15lbs
3rd: 15lbs

13. Did you get stretch marks?
1st: yes
2nd: yes-they grew
3rd: not any more that I didnt already have

14. Did you crave anything crazy?
1st: ICE, Taco Bell and fried chicken
2nd: Sonic strawberry slushes, crunchy red apples and dill pickles
3rd: Oranges, juice- any kind of juice

15. Who or what got on your nerves the most?
1st: Family
2nd: No one
3rd: Family

16. Where were you when you went into labor?
1st: No labor, went to the doc for a check up and he said "Would you like to have a baby at about 6:30 tonight?".. I said "sure".. and the rest is history!
2nd: Planned c-section. LOVE IT!
3rd: Ditto!

17. Did you have any complications?
1st: no
2nd: nope
3rd: nope

18. Did your water break?
1st: nope
2nd: nope
3rd: nope

19. Who drove you to the hospital?
1st: Myself
2nd: Bill-husband
3rd: Todd-husband

20. Did you go early or late?
1st: about a week early
2nd: right on time
3rd: right on time

21. Who was in the room?
1: Randy
2: Bill
3: Todd

22. Did you video tape it?
All 3: No

23. Did you have any pain medication?
1st: Spinal
2nd: Spinal
3rd: Spinal x 2 {the first didnt take}

24. Did you have a c-section or natural?
c-section! Love it!

25. What was your reaction to the birth?
Oh, everything you'd expect! Happy, thrilled, scared, relieved, excited, weepy, everything!

26. How big was the baby?
1st: 7lbs 4 3/4 oz
2nd: 7lbs 2oz
3rd: 8lbs 3oz

27. What was the baby's full name?
1st: Preston Antonio S.
2nd: Justice Yates B.
3rd: Hunter James D.

28. Did your husband cry?
1: Teared
2: Bawled
3: Cried very happy tears

29. When is the next one coming?

30. If you could, would you do it all over again?
On a dime... love love LOVE those boys!!!! :o)

Sorry for the super long post. Im almost done with my scrap room so pray for me that its done soon enough so that I can get to creating.. its been a LONGGGGGG hiatus!!! Too long!


Amie said...

I love it! Thanks for posting!

JennK said...

Great times!! I am hoping for a quick recovery of your scrappin place so you can get to creatin' real soon!!

Gina said...

I hate those gray hairs . . . the last time I got my hair cut she told me she saw a few! I certainly don't want to have to start dying my hair. I blame the few gray strands on my teenage daughter, I'll bet she gives a full head of gray hair by the time she graduates from high school! LOL :D

Brooke said...

I got my first grey hair in college, so you should consider yourself lucky!

Thanks for sharing the info about your babies, I enjoy baby stories!

Angie said...

Sorry about your gray hair. My hubby and his brothers all started getting gray hair in thier 20's, Yicks!!

I loved reading about your babies.

Carol A. said...

Don't fret over the grey hairs, Angi. I started getting white ones about 8 years ago and that is when I switched to being a dark redhead...and my hubby loves it...LOL!

Kimmy said...

awww hugs! i think im loving my c-section as much as you did.