Monday, February 16, 2009

February 12 on the 12th~

Sorry Im a little behind posting.. I thought for sure Id have time this past weekend but with the furniture shopping {will show you the princess bed later}, facebook obsession and sleeping and recovering from being sick.. I didnt get a darn thing done. So here is the fab 12....First of all... I scrapped... finally!!!... Cat had sent me the wooden birdie and tag on a card for me to alter.. I used rubons on the birdie and it turned out real cute I thought!
February is a month behind when I usually go to get my yearly checkup and mammogram.. and since I took this picture major changes have occurred to the calendar. My checkup got switched to the 20th and we are off to back home that weekend. The mammogram got pushed to March.
It just goes to show that this life of ours is ever changing!
This is Nikki.. I think I only have maybe 2 pictures of her with her eyes open. Argh. But lately this has been her spot.. snuggled behind my back while Im on the computer. She loves being close to her momma!
Facebook addiction.. need I say more?
I finally got my office rearranged at work and this is a view from my chair. This is where I do all of my harddddd working. {wink wink}
I meant for this photo to be of Todd and Hunter on their way to the annual Deer Classic. I was so happy that Todd took Hunter. But Hunter wasnt too happy about posing for a pic, so I got this one of my sweetie. :)
The current toy of choice for tub time for Hunter. I pretend that I am the chopper driver and drop the GI Joe dudes into the sea, where he is pretending to be the shark that eats them! haha To see a leg or head sticking out of his mouth at 7:30am... I tell ya, its fun being a Mom to boys!
Ahhhh organization. I have most of my new scrapbook room organized. Still working a bit on it, but I finally got all of my brads and eyelets separated by color and have two boxes full of embellishments.. and maybe another yet to come.
Smells... I have been buying up smells lately.. for some reason a lot of different things on sale or clearance. Which is how I came upon this reed diffuser... I still havent opened it.. how does it work... do you know?
My new Asics.. LORDAY are they comfy. I love these shoes. They cost a pretty penny, but holy moly... so worth it. I have a hard time any way with shoes.. but these are heaven on my feet! and cute too ;)
Im on a baking roll! I made Red Velvet cupcakes with Cream Cheese frosting w/Cinnamon sprinkles for Hunter to take to the sitters on the Friday before Valentines Day.. they were YUMMY!!!!
My dreaded self portrait. I was trying to be artsy... dont be hatin' ok? hahaaa

Ok, so... thats it for February... altho I will be taking pics when I go back home ..I cant wait! Watch for them in the next couple weeks... Also some other scrapping projects Ive worked on... YAY!
Have a great week!!!! ;o)


Jenny B in Indy said...

Cute LO!
I'm going to add you on Facebook.. Having a hard time finding you. (user error, I'm sure LMAO!)

Kimmy said...

hey your new blog background looks really pretty. i think you look like a vixen in your self portrait :) i have always wondered what your work desk looks like, now i know!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Loved reading your post today with all the pics and stories. Did you change the look of your blog, it seems different. You look great in your pics, Have a wonderful week!

JennK said...

I have got to remember to do this next month!! I keep forgeting hahaha!! Great job on your pics!

Cat said...

I love that Hunter's a shark.

Great job on the birdie.

I want a cupcake.

I, too, have a FB obsession.

I also wondered what your desk looked like!

Reed diffusers! LOVE THEM! The reeds suck up the oil and sprout it out the top. Delish!

Cute shoes!

And if your mammogram is on the 12th of March...well, I guess I know what one pic will be! ;-)

Carol A. said...

Great lo and I love all the pics, Angi. The cupcakes made me very hungry and I thought the photo of you was wonderful!

Amie said...

First of all, your new blog looks great! 2nd of all, now I know your last name! yay! 3rd, love your shoes! 4th, I'm so glad you participated in 12 of 12 and lastly, great layout!

Gina said...

You're always making your blog look Awesome!!! And you've got some pretty NEW shoes too! I have to agree that if you want comfy shoes you have to pay the price! :)