Thursday, December 04, 2008

See that cute lil Santa up there? Thats a piece of MME Festive Christmas paper. I so lucked out at the beginning of the season when Hobby Lobby was first putting out Christmas stuff and was able to latch onto a pack of the MME Festive Christmas cards. They are cards just like the paper, you just add the embellishments. I LOVE THEM. So.. have I finished them? Nooooo... Listen, I havent even really started. OH I put a lil glitter here, a lil glaze there and some epoxy stickers...... but do they look good???... mildly maybe. Im so behind, so stressed. I wish this was a grand time... guess its true what they say in the songs... This is SANTAS big scene... not mine. hahaa

I just spoke with my oldest punk. He told me not to stress.. that all the stress around him has made even him into a big ol' Grinch. Poor thing. I dont want any kid {yes I know he is 19}, but he is still MY baby, to have a bummed outlook for the holiday season. So I was thinking.. instead of me being so gloom and doom about it myself... I have to take control and turn this stress around!!! Im going to put that tree up, Im going to make hot chocolate and Im going to watch The Christmas Story over and over... yes I will. I will be so Christmas spirited that Hunter will start calling me Mommy Spirit! {Move over Britney Spirit-yes this is what he called Britney Spears} heheee.

There are a couple things I really want you to check out if you havent.
~1st... my friend Lindas blog. She rocks... simply rocks. If you have kids.. you MUST go there and soak up all of her cute ideas, gifts and recipes. I especially love her 25 days of Christmas list she made with her boys and husband. Linda.. you are a special person. Im so glad that we're getting to know one another! I hope you and yours have a very blessed season!

The other thing.. Tim Holtz. Be still my beating heart. God bless this mans talent! He is doing the 12 tags of Christmas again this year. I tell ya... he never ceases to amaze me. Is he Santa in Tims clothing? hehehee. Stop by his blog TODAY and check it OUT!!! Beware: Wear a bib cuz you are going to DROOL! ;)


linda said...

You are so sweet:-) I am also glad that we have become friends, I just wish that we lived closer.. Just think Hunter and Nathan could get into lots of trouble together.. Have a fantastic Holiday Season..

Jenny B in Indy said...

I'm running on over to Timmy's blog now!!!

JennK said...

On my way over to check them out!

Cheryl said...

Don't stress, Jinxi - you'll get everything done, girl!!

Amie said...

thanks for all your comments and good luck on the blog candy. I laughed at you blowing at the screen, lol!

And seriously, I actually REALLY like Denny, I was SO SAD when he died. But, I can't wrap my head around if she's crazy or if he's really there as a physical ghost that she just had happy time with. lol.

Cat said...

I watched Britney:for the record this weekend. True story.

That paper is SOOO you!