Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cotton loves Christmas~

Quick weekend post here. Just thought Id show ya a pic of my poor Christmas tree. Its on its last leg for real. I got this tree back in 99 I think. Somehow this year it developed a *rusty* look to it. We just left it, believe me, its more noticeable in the photo than in real. Our goal is to buy a new HUGE one that is pre-lit the day after Christmas. Hopefully as a great bargain. hehe Last year I did buy the new tree skirt. Its like faux suede and is sooo beautiful and really fits the country theme well. Along with the new tree we are thinking of buying a new angel. This year as the title of this post says "Cotton loves Christmas". Cotton is Hunters sock-monkey. We decided to put him on top this year and it really looks cute. Hunter had a lot of fun helping me set the whole thing up. Now, I need to wrap up some gifts and get them under there so it doesnt look so bare!

In other news.. Im just trying to recover from the week. I was totally stressed with work and invoicing to do much else when I got home. We managed to get the tree up and make it to Walmart one evening... where Hunter promptly set off the fire alarms by accidently pushing on one of the emergency exit doors. He was humiliated and embarrassed and told the manager he was sorry. Todd told him he was going to jail so he clung to my leg til I convinced him that wasnt so. Silly kid.
Today we went up to Highland. I love up there... a country town. I was however disappointed that I was too tired to shop and found no deals whatsoever, except for Todds new cell phone. That we got free!! I did pick up the lay away and got some of my nieces gifts taken care of. So I should feel accomplished, instead I feel blah. and hungry. Ever get that gnawing ache in the pit of your stomach and you just need MEAT. I want a steak soooo very bad. ;( Oh well. oh, hey.. I did manage to finally find the Chapstick Shimmers that Ive been wanting.. so give me a couple days and I'll give you another update. hehe I guess thats it for now. Still no scrapbooking... Im tellin' ya'll .. I almost threw my hands up today and said "I quit"... I just have no motivation right now... and I for real have some projects to work on.. just having a hard time getting on it. I think I need a day off?!? heheee... Have a great rest of the weekend!


Gina said...

I have to say that after your first post about those chapstick shimmers I ran out to WM and got me one . . . I love it! Let me know what you think. :)

Jenny B in Indy said...

Never heard of Shimmers but will definitely check them out. I used to love Carmex but Doug got me some this past week and they've changed it's scent and it now makes me gag just to taste or smell it. So I need something else. (regular chapstick doesn't work on me)

LOVE sock monkey. SO cute!!

JennK said...

Very cute tree! That was a good idea. We don't have a tree topper this year...I am not sure if I like it that way or not..hehe

Angie said...

I can't wait to hear about the chapstick, I think I'm going to pick some up for stocking stuffers.

I think Cotton looks awesome on the tree. I love it.

Brooke said...

What a cute tree! Cotton looks great on top. :)