Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cake Balls!~

Hunter and I made 70 cake balls last weekend. I dont know which was more fun.. baking the cake and getting all gooey or decorating... ummm probably the decorating. They are so sweet ya'll- I couldnt even get through one!!! Tara over at CS challenged us to post a recipe on our blog and link back to her to enter for a fab drawing. Lucky for me I had this photo, unlucky for me I cant print it and get it onto a layout for another chance.. but perhaps you can.. so head over to Taras Blog and take a peak at not only the blog but her fab challenges. And now let me give you the recipe.. These make a GREAT gift put into a pretty box. Great for those with a sweet tooth for real. PS: I have seen these made at Bakerellas site, Pioneer Womans site and Mommys Kitchen. All yummy. I think next time Im going to try spice cake with cream cheese icing. That seems a bit milder. hehee I made these with Devils food cake and Vanilla icing.

Bake 1 cake {any flavor will do-try red velvet for Christmas .... or spice cake or chocolate.. any flavor}
Take the cake and put into a big bowl and crumble. Add to that 1 can of pre-made frosting. Again.. any flavor to match your cake. Mix all together and then roll into balls, about the size of walnuts. Place on wax paper on cookie sheet and pop into the freezer at least an hour.. I did them overnight. The next day I pulled them out.. melted whatever flavor chocolate or almond bark {I did both} and commenced to decorating. I used crushed peppermint, coconut and some Christmas white chocolate chips and then used chocolate on almond bark and vica versa. If you have any questions.. please comment and I'll help you best I can! Enjoy!!!!


Cat said...

I love this. I will do it one day!

Amie said...

your comment on my blog was SO SWEET! (do I have your email? mine is about me not getting chosen for the DT last time, etc. LOL, you're too nice. Anyway, your balls look nice. BWAH HAHA HA!! Have you ever seen that SNL sketch with Alec Baldwin ? One of my favorites.

Jenny B in Indy said...

Those look yumm-o!!! Definitely going to have to try that out!
And do you know where I can get a good recipe for Christmas candy (the very EASY to make kind?).
I'm altering the outside of a small cigar box for my SIL and want to put homemade goodies in it but it's real small.. It's a box that the DCWV Summer chipboard came in. Anyway, need something good. Any suggestions?

JennK said...

Oh Yummy!! Those look good..cute pic too.

Tara said...

Oh my.... how yummy looking!! Thanks for posting this great recipe! Good luck with the draw!

Gina said...

Yeah, this reminded me of schweaty balls too! Ha Ha Ha . . . Amie, that's exactly what I was thinking too! LOL :D Maybe I watch SNL too much! :)