Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rain, Rain~

I wish the rain would go away! Its been raining for hours. I wouldnt mind so much if I was working today, but I have the day off and am getting ready to head out to start my Christmas shopping! It kinda puts a damper on that, but when I get home it will be good napping weather huh? hehe Well, things here are going along swimmingly.. the boys are well, Ruby and Kitty are well. Todd is away this week on vacation at Deer Camp and I have been enjoying the clean house. I did some scrapping last night and am really happy with the one page, I wish I could take a photo but the lighting is horrible w/ the rain ... so maybe later this week I'll post!

Ive been doing some thinking lately about something that should have no place in my head or heart at all. I have taken Brookes advice and deleted my former post because she is, after all, a lot more level-headed than I and what I was worried with is not worth worrying over at all. Im choosing to let it go. Thanks Brooke!

Ok,... if you have Veterans Day off, relax and enjoy and reflect on those who gave their lives for us and those who continue do so. God Bless them all!

ETA: Today was an awesome day shopping I got some GREAT bargains andddd most of my Christmas shopping knocked out!


Gina Hanson said...

Angi, sorry to hear about that little situation . . . I don't do the high school BS anymore either. It's raining here too, shopping sounds fun, wish I was closer we could go together! :)

Brooke said...

Angi, sorry you're struggling with this. But, I think the best thing you can do is just let it go! Retaliating won't fix anything, but just reduce you to the level of the person talking bad about you.

I hope the rain goes away soon...can't wait to hear what you bought for Christmas!

Cheryl said...

Whatever it was that you were worrying about - I'm glad you deleted it!!! Good for you for letting it go!!

Kimmy said...

be happy please :)
and you can give me your rain
rain makes me happy

Hooptee said...

Not sure what you are struggling with, but I hope you were able to find peace about it.

Are those your photos at the top of your blog? They are awesome!

btw - so jealous that you started your shopping. I haven't even thought about it!

Cat said...

Hey Ang,
I don't know what you deleted, but good for you for doing it!