Monday, November 17, 2008

Brrrhhh and Rawrrrr~

I have a killer headache today.. Im thinking sinus? What ever though.. What about this weather? Im thinking I need to change all my icons and welcome stuff to winterish snowflakes. Although we havent gotten any snow yet, its sure blowing out there and colder than *hillbilly hell* as my Mom used to say. This past weekend Hunter came down with a high fever and super sore throat. He goes to the Doc tomorrow to check for strep. I hope he is ok.. I just get heartsick when lil ones are sick. He has that wild eyed look and just cries miserably when he isnt sleeping. Im sure its viral, but you never know these days. I just want him better.
I was looking at the forecast and it was supposed to be sunny and cold this week, but theyve already changed it to cloudy and cold. Holy.. ok... again, whatever!

On another note...I still havent gotten my mojo back! This is really getting me down. I have things I want to do and just cant. Then next weekend will be Thanksgiving. So no time there.. altho, maybe, just maybe after that when the CS crop comes I'll be back in the swing of things. I have bought some stuff so thats a good feeling.. altho most have been gifts. hahaa

Ok, going to go for now..I know Ive not posted so much happy stuff.. Im going to keep the faith and hope that I get out of this funk soon so that I can post some goodies and have some laughs to share! Have a good week chicks!!!


Chris said...

ahh hope you little one is feeling better soonest!!!!! love the wonder "card"

Hooptee said...

Hope your little one is better soon. Don't sweat it, you'll get your mojo back when you are ready! Love the card.

Cat said...

I need my mojo, too. Maybe there was a mojo convention and our mojos forgot to come home?

Cat said...

Lame, Cat. Lame.