Friday, November 14, 2008


Oh yes... I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show {Greys Anatomy}, this is a clip from last night and the song by Lenka.. Trouble is a Friend.. wowza! Perfect ending to the show! Did you watch? are you a fanatic like me?... whoa. Im addicted... and please dont talk to me, im me or call me when Im watching... its my time to go to fantasy land and watch. haaa.
Anyway.. whats up world? Its been a rainy MESS this week. One of those weeks that slips in steals your energy, your happiness and ultimately my MOJO.. yup its gone. I have an order for 6 Christmas card, plus my own that I need to get to work on and about 6 layouts that I havent even started, two of which are due tomorrow. Gah.. Im just out of it. Could it be because I miss Todd? Quite possible. I tell ya, I dont know how women that have men deployed do it. At first it was cool, just cooking for me and Hunter, doing our lil bit of stuff.. then stressors get added and then you just start to lose your cool, I then pull myself together just to fall apart again there soon after and realize that I love having another adult there for comfort and that extra push, even for a morsel of appreciation. .... Anyway, Im a survivor, this isnt the worse thing ever and it will all be fine! I just thought Id share what was clicking away in my head. I hope that this weekend will be relaxing and just a time for scrapbooking and eating warm food and drinking hot cocoa.
What about you? What will you be doing this weekend?


Gina Hanson said...

No rain here, but it's cold! Where's Todd??? I don't have any plans for this weekend, maybe some organizing, but that's about it! :)

Cheryl said...

I love reading your posts, girl - you're a hoot!! It has rained here in Indiana most of last evening and is really raining today. I have NO MOJO so it can't steal mine - ha ha.

Angie said...

It rained here Thursday and Friday, then turned to snow for Saturday and Sunday. Hang in there girl, it can't rain forever. I hope Todd is back soon and that he brings your mojo back with him ;)
YES, I love Grey's!!

Cat said...

That's how I feel about LOST. But you know that.