Sunday, August 27, 2006

Horse Manes and Sweet cars~

This is pretty easy for me... as I have always picked the horse to be if I could be an animal. The are beautiful, strong, gentle, paranoid, free, rich and admired. And I find most of these things in common with myself. I love horses.. the buckskin ones are my favorite. If I had to pick thats what Id be for sure. :)

If I had to be a car, again Id pick my favorite. A 1967 Shelby Mustang GT... in black! They are sleek, sexy, admired, fast, classic, strong. Mmmm I just love them.. and it so happens to be the year I was born. Another co-winky-dink??? I think so! ;)~


beckster said...

now wasn't that fun?!?!?!
a horse is a cool pick. i had never thought of that! and a MUSTANG ANGI!!! what a choice. i love mustangs. YOU ROCK!!!

harleyangel said...

I like horses too! and woo hoo!! love those Shelby GT's. hot hot hot, just like you !