Saturday, November 03, 2012

Saturday up in here!~

My Three Sons

So its Saturday... I woke up in a great mood.. went to breakfast and a volley game and then stopped by Preston and Cieras to do some computer work.  I hate not having a computer.. but Ciera is gracious enough to let me use hers... :)

I watched the Roseanne Roast and uploaded a bunch of photos to get in on Walgreens free 8x10 collage deal today.  I got those photos ordered and the ones that I want to put in with the Christmas cards I send out.  Last year I did the photo cards... but you see..... Im addicted to Christmas cards!!!  I have like 10 boxes and decided that I really need to use them this year!

Speaking of would see Im also addicted to Christmas ornaments for my tree.  Ive always wanted a huge tree with cabin/farm house charm and finally got it.. now I cant get enough.  So I was wondering... do you have an addiction like this?  An unusual want for something more than just a collection to sit out all the times?  Like pens?, Sharpies?, boas?, Jewelry, Scarves?

Im interested in our quirks!

As I close for now, please enjoy the new fall photos of my family I took this past month and the one of my oh so handsome and growing too fast boys!!! 

Preston-23, Justice-12 and Hunter-7

More later...Have a great weekend!

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Laura said...

I'm so glad to see you posting again! Hope you have a great weekend!