Monday, November 29, 2010


How can it be the end of November and I STILL havent caught up with October yet? What the heck have I been up to? Lots and nothing all at the same time.

Let me tell you though, I have been working hard at one thing in particular and that is my weight. My brother has been training me and its been a slow work in progress, but the weight is coming off. Im more determined than ever.

Other than that.. every once in a while I will cling onto a subject and study the heck out of it.. get immersed in it and forget about everything else. That is where I am right now. The new is starting to wear off a bit, so I plan to get back to the ho-hum of every day life real soon.. boy bet ya'll cant wait! hahaa

So.. for Halloween... Hunter knew wayyyy back in the year, maybe even after last Halloween that he wanted to be a zombie. I was so happy because I love doing the makeup and well he has always been scared of scary costumes {still is} but was willing to do this. It was quite hilarious.. and as you will see in his photos.. if he'd been a different color he could have went as "Buckwheat" from the Little Rascals hahaa ;)

He was hilarious and even made a video for me that was just a hoot!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Hunter with his pumpkin {was a skeleton}
This was my niece Alanas... she didnt have a pumpkin so we gave her one!
Here is my pumpkin.. hehee
Another close up of Hunters pumpkin. I tell ya, my arm muscles were killing me the next day from scraping so hard on those pumpkin guts.. and this was the first time ever I actually had awesome, big, fat seeds to dry and bake.. mmmm :)
So how was your weekend??? Mine was ok.. getting back into the groove of things finally.. at least my house is semi clean. Lots of stuff going on this week with Thanksgiving plans. Thought Id catch up some more on my October stuff. The following pics are for Red Ribbon Week. The war against drugs. They had a crazy dress up week. The first day I didnt get a pic.. it was wear a red shirt day.. Hunter chose a Cardinals baseball shirt to wear.

Crazy sock day-these are actually my socks.. so funny!
These two pics are from NERD day.. he even had the nerd personality down.. he was a cross between Napolean Dynamite and a real nerd. LOL
This was hat and sunglasses day. Daddy decked him out in camo everywhere. He also had a lil trip to the fire station that day, so Im sure he needed the sunglasses since they walked from the school. :)
The last day was dress up day/Halloween. Hunter chose punk rocker and I made him a cardboard rockin' guitar. hehee We had blue paint for his mohawk, but I used it to paint the guitar.. little did I know that stuff wipes right off.. what a mess!!!
Back with more tomorrow.. :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Two days in a row.. whats up with this picture. ahahaa Well, it just so happens Im up in the middle of the night, a bit nauseated.. so thought Id share some fall pics and a pic or two of my Aunt and Uncles 50th wedding anniversary party. This took place the 3rd weekend of October. I tell you, I did not unpack my bags til November?!!!! Heck to be honest my suitcase is still in the bedroom floor! ha!!

Anyway.. This is my Aunt Pat and Uncle Ben.. they live back home and I miss them so much its not even funny. Aunt Pat is my Moms sister. She has had a rough way to go in her life.. so many medical problems. And after their party the following Monday she went in for a biopsy/surgery to remove breast cancer cells. Every thing went well and the nodes are all safe from cancer cells.. praise Lord! She is still having radiation just in case. She is a strong woman and we are all so happy. I tell ya, I was just sick there for a while. But God does answer prayers! I hope she will continue to get better. She was really shy getting her pic taken with me. hehee :)

While back home I visited this crew... My friend since foreverrrr Rhonda and 2 of her daughters, Lakyn and Jodie and her granddaughter Taylor. We had a fun day at the park. Hunter isnt pictured but he was with me and we just had a great time catching up in the sun.. as a matter of fact for October I got a lil sun on my back/shoulders. Funny!

The day we left I colored my hair.. hahaa. So anyway, I had to pose with my Dad, its a great pic I think. Thank you Hunter the photog!
Hunter and I took the long way home to see what we could see along the bluffs of the Missouri River.. back home as I call it. But the trees still hadnt quite turned. It was a nice drive anyway and Hunter learned all about "bringing in the crops" as we saw a LOT of that going on! ;)
This is an old railroad trail that the state turned into a walking/biking trail called the Katy Trail. It is a LONG ride/walk.. miles and miles along the river bottoms and cliffs. Someday Im going to walk or bike it. Ive went for short walks but not like its meant to be enjoyed. :)

Anyway.. weekend 3 down of October. heheee Back with more laters!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A little bit of a catch up if you will..

Hi ya'll.. Ive neglected my blog long enough. I have been blogging on another private blog for the past 3 almost 4 weeks, it consumes a lot of my extra time so that is why this one is getting neglected. Argh.

Sooo let me take you back to October and the 2nd wedding of the month~
My niece Amanda got married to her b/f and baby daddy.. Jon ;) They had a beautiful outside wedding at the Lake of the Ozarks on a dock by the lake. The entire family and friends stayed at a huge resort in cabins. It was awesome!!! In our free time we all spent time in the jacuzzi in our room that overlooked the lake! Everyone was jealous of our jacuzzi eheehehe.. but when I researched I figured I better get what I want as I may not have another chance to vacation this year.

Here are some pics from the wedding and our time at the cabin, ps: Preston even showed up the day after the wedding for my birthday lunch!! ;O)
My birthday lunch my boys posed for me :)
Me and my sweetie!
Hunter loving the bubbles in the jacuzzi!
Justice said he soaked away all his troubles and worries hehehee
My niece Amber with Amandas baby girl Addison.. she is a DOLL!!!
Todd and Hunter on the boat after the wedding. Long story short, we ended up getting stranded in the middle of the lake because the boat ran out of gas.. thankfully someone got us to shore and we walked back to the resort.. The boys say.. That wasnt a boat ride, that was an adventure! hahaa
The happy couple-Jon and my niece Amanda-she looked sooo pretty!
Jon and Amanda
My brother Neal and his daughter Amanda getting out of the boat! Getting ready to walk down the isle.
The boys enjoying the pool at the resort, there was this bridge over the center of the pool. We had a lot of fun in that pool, til Todd dived in with his cell phone. hahaa. oops!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank you!

Thank you to all the Veterans today and always for everything you do! I so admire each and every one of you!

ps: ONE of these days I'll update further on my blog.. I almost forgot my login/pw.. crazy huh?

Friday, November 05, 2010

So many things.. so little time!

Sooo.. I will totally have to catch up on the October.. since it flew by. But for now.. leaving you with a picture of Justice in the hunting blind with his brother Preston hunting. They didnt get anything and only saw a doe the last like half hour. They shot at her, but nothing.. too far away. I like that Preston took him hunting and played a very important role in his brothers life. Nothing like it in the world. I hope it made Justice feel as special as he is!