Thursday, November 18, 2010

Two days in a row.. whats up with this picture. ahahaa Well, it just so happens Im up in the middle of the night, a bit nauseated.. so thought Id share some fall pics and a pic or two of my Aunt and Uncles 50th wedding anniversary party. This took place the 3rd weekend of October. I tell you, I did not unpack my bags til November?!!!! Heck to be honest my suitcase is still in the bedroom floor! ha!!

Anyway.. This is my Aunt Pat and Uncle Ben.. they live back home and I miss them so much its not even funny. Aunt Pat is my Moms sister. She has had a rough way to go in her life.. so many medical problems. And after their party the following Monday she went in for a biopsy/surgery to remove breast cancer cells. Every thing went well and the nodes are all safe from cancer cells.. praise Lord! She is still having radiation just in case. She is a strong woman and we are all so happy. I tell ya, I was just sick there for a while. But God does answer prayers! I hope she will continue to get better. She was really shy getting her pic taken with me. hehee :)

While back home I visited this crew... My friend since foreverrrr Rhonda and 2 of her daughters, Lakyn and Jodie and her granddaughter Taylor. We had a fun day at the park. Hunter isnt pictured but he was with me and we just had a great time catching up in the sun.. as a matter of fact for October I got a lil sun on my back/shoulders. Funny!

The day we left I colored my hair.. hahaa. So anyway, I had to pose with my Dad, its a great pic I think. Thank you Hunter the photog!
Hunter and I took the long way home to see what we could see along the bluffs of the Missouri River.. back home as I call it. But the trees still hadnt quite turned. It was a nice drive anyway and Hunter learned all about "bringing in the crops" as we saw a LOT of that going on! ;)
This is an old railroad trail that the state turned into a walking/biking trail called the Katy Trail. It is a LONG ride/walk.. miles and miles along the river bottoms and cliffs. Someday Im going to walk or bike it. Ive went for short walks but not like its meant to be enjoyed. :)

Anyway.. weekend 3 down of October. heheee Back with more laters!


~ Rada Rhythm and Rhyme~ said...

I luv your new hair color! Very pretty! And I will keep your Aunt in my prayers and hope she keeps feeling better and better!

Jenn K said...

Looks like fun!!