Monday, November 29, 2010


How can it be the end of November and I STILL havent caught up with October yet? What the heck have I been up to? Lots and nothing all at the same time.

Let me tell you though, I have been working hard at one thing in particular and that is my weight. My brother has been training me and its been a slow work in progress, but the weight is coming off. Im more determined than ever.

Other than that.. every once in a while I will cling onto a subject and study the heck out of it.. get immersed in it and forget about everything else. That is where I am right now. The new is starting to wear off a bit, so I plan to get back to the ho-hum of every day life real soon.. boy bet ya'll cant wait! hahaa

So.. for Halloween... Hunter knew wayyyy back in the year, maybe even after last Halloween that he wanted to be a zombie. I was so happy because I love doing the makeup and well he has always been scared of scary costumes {still is} but was willing to do this. It was quite hilarious.. and as you will see in his photos.. if he'd been a different color he could have went as "Buckwheat" from the Little Rascals hahaa ;)

He was hilarious and even made a video for me that was just a hoot!

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Jenn K said...

LOL!! Your video is too stinkin' cute!!