Monday, November 22, 2010

So how was your weekend??? Mine was ok.. getting back into the groove of things finally.. at least my house is semi clean. Lots of stuff going on this week with Thanksgiving plans. Thought Id catch up some more on my October stuff. The following pics are for Red Ribbon Week. The war against drugs. They had a crazy dress up week. The first day I didnt get a pic.. it was wear a red shirt day.. Hunter chose a Cardinals baseball shirt to wear.

Crazy sock day-these are actually my socks.. so funny!
These two pics are from NERD day.. he even had the nerd personality down.. he was a cross between Napolean Dynamite and a real nerd. LOL
This was hat and sunglasses day. Daddy decked him out in camo everywhere. He also had a lil trip to the fire station that day, so Im sure he needed the sunglasses since they walked from the school. :)
The last day was dress up day/Halloween. Hunter chose punk rocker and I made him a cardboard rockin' guitar. hehee We had blue paint for his mohawk, but I used it to paint the guitar.. little did I know that stuff wipes right off.. what a mess!!!
Back with more tomorrow.. :)


Amie said...

awesome guitar and what a fun week for him!

~ Rada Rhythm and Rhyme~ said...

He is just TOO cute! and has the cutest smile!

Jenn K said...

Love all of these pictures!! So much fun!