Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hup and the bathroom~

Hup... that is what Hunter calls the new movie out this week called UP! If you have kids.. or even if you dont.. GO SEE IT.. at the theatre! It was my first ever 3-D movie and it was amazing. I loved the story, it was very touching. I even cried. Heck even Todd teared up. It was just a great movie. GO!

While on the subjects of movies.. why did it cost an arm and a leg? We went at 11.30am and the theatre was pretty full to my surprise. They were obviously making money right? It was Todd, Hunter and I and it cost us $28.50.. I almost choked. No matinee prices or nothing. I was like how in the world can people with children afford to take them to the movies. Come on, this is what is happening to family fun. Get real. This is a rip off!

Onto other news... I have decided to redo our main bathroom. Paint the walls, new shower curtain and decor.. Im thinking a dark grey.. maybe turquoise and brown thrown in... stainless steel accents.. Im just ready for a change I think. Im also going to order some new curtains for our living room. Can you believe we've lived here for 4 years and never had living room curtains? .. Sooo we decided on a cream color and then we are going to paint the walls a sage, get a darker cream color couch/loveseat/chair and then even darker carpet.. that is the plan for next year. We will see. Isnt it crazy Im already spending our next tax return? hahaa.

What are you up to this weekend?

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Im back to scrapping. Im having fun especially with the cards. I used to think everything needed to be like a 6x8 or so .. but I have decided that I really like scaling it down and doing the little note cards a lot. Last night I did this one from some Rusty Pickle scraps left over from another layout Id done. I used the BG dinosaur rubon as well and then took some edging and inked it and used it as grass. I wish Id inked some green into it.. but hey it was late, I forgot. haha. Anyway, thanks for checking it out. Hunter told me this morning "This is MY card" and I almost couldnt pry it out of his lil hands to take a pic. LOL

In other news~Tomorrow Todd and I are off and we take Hunter to the elementary to do Pre-K testing. Im excited about it, so is Hunter and then we'll take him out to lunch. I think he already has a place picked.

I finally got to talk to my Mom, I hadnt spoke to her in several weeks. I was really missing her. Sometimes I wonder if she misses me as much. We had a good talk, and then I had to call her back and tell her everything I forgot to tell her in the first conversation.. hahahaa

Yesterday was a great day at work. We have been sooo busy lately. My boss and his dad "the big boss" came into my office and surprised me with my yearly review. I had been expecting a review, but they always run behind so didnt know when theyd get to it. So yesterday was a nice surprise. Even more so when they presented me with an awesome raise. Im now making more than I have at any other job Ive ever had. Im proud of myself and happy that Im fortunate enough to like my job. I think I'll stay. ;) hehee

sooooo..... any new projects you've been working on? What about the week-hows it going?

ok, so I couldnt help it.. here is the layout I did last night too... hehee ;)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I scrapped, I really scrapped~

Thankfully with the long weekend, I got to scrap some. I still cant scrap in my room, I just feel like its prison. There is no tv, no radio and well things are just so disorganized. So I brought out what I thought Id need and set up station at the kitchen table. I went to one of the greatest forums ever and got some sketch inspiration... and got started.

Here are two of my creations for Creative Scrappers sketch challenges~

and then I did a 2 page layout. I was thinking it was my first ever, but then I got to thinking and I did in fact do another one time for a photo trade swap. I did however, feel I did a much better job and used a cool sketch from May at Page Maps.

Sorry about the stupid sideways pic.. I have no earthly idea why my computer program/photobucket keeps doing it. Anyway.. I hope to scrap some more tonight. At least some cards, perhaps for Fathers Day.

Have a great week! ;o)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Poor, Pitiful Ruby~

Soooo.. we left Ruby with my SIL & BIL {Melly and Jim} while we went back home for Mariahs High School Graduation. When we left... Ruby looked like this:

Buttttt... when we returned... she looked like this.....

My poor, pitiful Ruby.. she looks sad to me.. but everyone else seemed to get a great laugh out of it. The good thing is that her coat will grow back and we can see if there are ticks or whatever.. but still... all I can say and think is poooooor Ruby.

Well.. come August Melly and Jim are going on vacation and we will have their beagle Ellie for a week... lets just say payback timeeeee. hehee ;o)

Hope you are having a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hello Lovely Weekend~

well kinda.. it started off with rain this morning and I was ticked.. so ticked in fact that I went back to bed. The sun is trying to make an appearance now.. but I bet its muggy out there! Anyway, I didnt come here to complain and rant.

We finally have a weekend at home. We have been on the run! Soccer, the zoo, the Cards game, my niece graduating.... back home several times. Just a lot going on. Im ready for a bit of a break. Altho enjoy going and doing too. I wish that we could go on vacation but finding that it is kinda hard to find time for it. At least Justice will be able to come up for a couple weeks and stay with us. I think the change will do him some good too.

I think today we may try to do some landscaping. We are also going to prepare to pour a concrete patio off the deck. I cant wait. It will make it great for an evening out or putting up Hunters pool. We are also planning on cleaning out my scrapbook room. All of our garage sale stuff went into there and then we didnt end up having the sale. Todd convinced me that we need to just take it to Salvation Army. I had thought about it, but thought that maybe we knew someone that could use them, but no.. so off they will go today.. woot.. this means maybe I can be scrapping by tonight!

Anyway.. here are a few pics.Hunter and Jadyn @ the zoo^.. My brother Neal, his wife Karen and the kids too!

Preston and Rachel

The boys, Justice and Hunter and Me...

Hunter showing off his skills at last soccer game of 2009

My brother Daniel and his daughter Savana...

Hunter and Justice at the pool~

My brother Neal, his wife Karen and daughter Mariah before her HS graduation!

Cardinal baseball game we went to last week... my artful view and Hunter!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Rollin', Rollin' Rollin'~

Guess who got a new ride?! hehee. I have posted this everywhere so everyone I know is probably tired of it by now.. but I do have a few friends/family that dont have FB, Twitter or go to Crazy 8's so... here it is.. my new wheels!
Im super excited.. well, we all are! We had been thinking about trading up from the Hyundai Tuscon that we were driving since we have had it 3 years and you know things are starting to get old. We thought maybe we could get a better deal on something newer.. maybe lower our payments. But bottom line was we were still very happy with the Tuscon and Hyundai. So we didnt really check into it much, just gave it some thought and moved on.

Last week we received a letter from Hyundai asking us to come in for a professional detail inside and out on the Tuscon and we would also get a $50 gift card to Texas Roadhouse as well just for being Hyundai customers! I thought wow.. what do we have to loose? This would be a great time to talk to a salesman, see what he could do. If we could we would trade up, if not.. that was cool too.

Well, low and behold he came to us with an awesome deal {however it took several tries} haha... and we ended up with this 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe. I love the new style and its just bigger and better. The biggest and best part of the entire deal, besides our payments going down, was the warranty and the goodies that came with it. 100,000 bumper to bumper on everything excluding belts, wipers and brake pads, 10 years FREE oil changes every 4000 miles, Free car washes for LIFETIME.. and a loaner vehicle whenever ours is getting serviced or we need a vehicle to travel out of town on a trip.

Im simply amazed at how hard they worked with us. We have nothing but great things to say about the dealership and Hyundai.

ps: I drove a hard deal though.. I told our salesman that I wasnt going anywhere without a skull cap from Hyundai for Hunter. hahaaa ;o)

Thanks for sharing our excitement and have a great weekend! We are off to my nieces graduation this weekend back home... and maybe, if the weather cooperates.. the last soccer game of the season. Take care ya'll.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"Keepin' it Real" May 12 of 12~

This month I am bringing you the REAL me.. a working Mom, a not put together, ran out of makeup, needs a haircut & dye & pedicure, needs a maid kinda girl. I hope you'll forgive me while I try to get my stuff together.. hhahaa.. but really.. don't we all have days like it?

So here we go "Keeping IT Real"

My self portrait, believe me you wouldn't want to see it in color.. not pretty!

Now here is something that is pretty.. its my new blog header. I bought it from House of 3, I love the colors, but recently decided that maybe I should have went with a brighter one for spring/summer.

My favorite fast food has always been some sort of sub sandwich.. today we had Jimmy Johns.. my fave is the #12 {co-winkie-dink huh?} its the beach club-turkey, provo, cucumbers, sprouts and an avacado spread.. and probably MILLIONS of calories.. but I'm in love.. so hush!

I had to take care of an auto claim for my boss who was rear-ended by a dude on his cell phone not paying attention this weekend. A good lesson for all of us .. pay attention while driving!

This past weekend a lil fella about 5 was riding his bike, lost control on a hill and ran into a moving car. Our community is in awe, that some child hasn't been hit before this. So we are banding together and making plans for a community safety carnival or some kind of something to get the kids involved, recite the rules of the road and general safety. I'm super psyched about it.
As you can see I have other ideas for the community as well.

And here is JAWS.. its hard to get a good photo.. but he is a pretty beta.. I mean handsome!
{oh and fierce!}
This is the FIRST time I've ever voted for an American Idol!!! I so want Adam to at least get to the finale' and NOT Gokey. ;)

Another Tuesday night ritual besides AI is watching Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. I loveeee this show. Tonight he was in Austrailia..

Lately.. I have been too tired to even put on my jewelry in the mornings. I know I have went to work several times this week without earrings.. what a weird feeling!

Ok.. so this is GROSS.. but again with keeping it real. Todds chore is to clear the dishwasher so that I can load... this evening he did not. Rest assured, by the time we left for work the next morning they were all done up.

This is where it gets ugly... real ugly... See that circle.. its highlighting the fact that I need a dye job.. BAD. My hair has grown about 3 inches since the last week of March. Its yuck, but I still have to wait til payday. Its just what has to go down. Luckily I don't work around a whole lot of people and men that just don't give a darn. Cuz I defintely don't feel put together these days!

Ok, if you hate feet.. LOOK AWAY.. Im sorry. But this is a good example of what I've been saying... I need a pedicure. I need help. I'm not perfect.. and sometimes unfortunately it shows... it shows badly.

Thanks for hanging in there! It was a anxiety filled 12 of 12. But there ya have it!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A fish named -Doogie-, uhh I mean JAWS~

ok... so the other night we were going to dinner and all the sudden Hunter says.. "hey Mom, Did you know that Johnny Test has a dog and his name is Doogie?" haha.. no I did not know that. But it sure made me laugh. I said "What a great a name!" I said to Todd.. "I wish we had a dog named Doogie".. he gave me the evil eye.. and so I said to Hunter.. "hey, remember we told you that when summer neared we would get you a new fish?... well maybe we could get a fish that looks like a dog and name him Doogie".. He was amused. But before the story ended I had to tell him that when his Daddy and I were little we watched a show about a boy named Doogie Howser who was a doctor. He got such a kick out of it and giggled and howled! hehee. Funny...

Anyway.. today was the day.. We go to get Doogie.. picked a colorful beta and named him Doogie. While standing in line to check out.. Hunter says "Can I please call him JAWS instead???"... he looked so sweet and gave me that extra smile.. so I caved and said sure. So now we have a JAWS rather than a doogie! hehe

Oh Mama~

up next... a fish called.. Doogie!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

"Peace"ful weekend~

I just love this pic of JR. It looks like he is hailing the peace sign. hahaa. I totally had a great and relaxing weekend. Well Sunday and Monday anyway.

I took Hunter back home with me to my hometown over the weekend when we took Justice back to his Dads. I had totally forgotten my brothers birthday and wanted to make it up to him by visiting and baking him a cake. So we got down home about 1ish and visited with my brother Daniel and his family/kids til about 330pm.. then we ran out to Dads and while I was baking the cake Dad and I caught up on some things.
We called Preston, he came out and we all headed back into town to have dinner out with Dad and Daniel to celebrate his birthday. We then headed back up to Daniels to have cake. boy was it good.. I made another pineapple upside down cake. This time with a butter cake recipe. Lorday, it was a good one. Will have to do that again!
We spent the night at Dads and went to bed early. Got up early and were back home by noon on Monday. Hunter and I just hung out and took a lil rest. Then reality of the week all hit us. hehee. Good thing though, I had cleaned the house before I left and I returned to it still standing even though Todd was home alone. hahaa.

While down at Dads, Preston had told me to get online and see the prom pics from the night before when he took his girlfriend Rachel to her Senior Prom. OMYgoodeness.. they were sooo good! She looked like a princess and him a handsome prince. Brought tears to my eyes. I think Preston really likes Rachel. {he would have only posed for that many pics for me otherwise} haha. Anyway, here are some.. it was kinda story book like I thought. Loved her dress, and his simple tux w/pink tie. Wow, my baby is now a man. ;o)

Preston and Rachel @ her house!

Preston and Rachel at the Governors Gardens

Friday, May 01, 2009