Friday, May 15, 2009

Rollin', Rollin' Rollin'~

Guess who got a new ride?! hehee. I have posted this everywhere so everyone I know is probably tired of it by now.. but I do have a few friends/family that dont have FB, Twitter or go to Crazy 8's so... here it is.. my new wheels!
Im super excited.. well, we all are! We had been thinking about trading up from the Hyundai Tuscon that we were driving since we have had it 3 years and you know things are starting to get old. We thought maybe we could get a better deal on something newer.. maybe lower our payments. But bottom line was we were still very happy with the Tuscon and Hyundai. So we didnt really check into it much, just gave it some thought and moved on.

Last week we received a letter from Hyundai asking us to come in for a professional detail inside and out on the Tuscon and we would also get a $50 gift card to Texas Roadhouse as well just for being Hyundai customers! I thought wow.. what do we have to loose? This would be a great time to talk to a salesman, see what he could do. If we could we would trade up, if not.. that was cool too.

Well, low and behold he came to us with an awesome deal {however it took several tries} haha... and we ended up with this 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe. I love the new style and its just bigger and better. The biggest and best part of the entire deal, besides our payments going down, was the warranty and the goodies that came with it. 100,000 bumper to bumper on everything excluding belts, wipers and brake pads, 10 years FREE oil changes every 4000 miles, Free car washes for LIFETIME.. and a loaner vehicle whenever ours is getting serviced or we need a vehicle to travel out of town on a trip.

Im simply amazed at how hard they worked with us. We have nothing but great things to say about the dealership and Hyundai.

ps: I drove a hard deal though.. I told our salesman that I wasnt going anywhere without a skull cap from Hyundai for Hunter. hahaaa ;o)

Thanks for sharing our excitement and have a great weekend! We are off to my nieces graduation this weekend back home... and maybe, if the weather cooperates.. the last soccer game of the season. Take care ya'll.


JennK said...

I am excited for you..It is so fun to get new wheels!!

merideth said...

cool new car - and great job bargaining! (you *did* get the skull cap, right?) my husband is similar to you in that he wants a new car regularly. me? i always want to hit that 100,000 mile mark. then i want to hit 200,000 miles,! i guess i just love life with no payments, heehee!

Cat said...

YAY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to go cruisin' with you!

Martha said...

Cool! It's really pretty too! And free car washes for LIFE????? That's a deal closer for me right there!

Amie said...

that's awesome! great car!

Cheryl said...

Way to go, Jinxi - wish I could go cruisin with you, girl - I LOVE new cars!!!

Just wanted to let you know that Chuck pulled your name out of the old mixing bowl - you won my first "followers RAK"!! WooHoo - I'll be sending you something.

Cheryl said...

You kill me, girlfriend!!! I'll be sure to give Chuck the message from you - he secretly thinks we're ALL a little crazy!!! LOL

Gina said...

That is an Awesme deal . . . buying a vehicle is always such a pain int he A$$, but it looks like you drove a hard bargain and won in the end! Have FUN driving your new SUV! :)

Funny thing about what you commented on my blog about the zoo . . . we kept telling the kids (especially Kaitie) that the orangutans were her relatives, that they even shared the same hair color! LOL :D

Kimmy said...

i want it!