Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"Keepin' it Real" May 12 of 12~

This month I am bringing you the REAL me.. a working Mom, a not put together, ran out of makeup, needs a haircut & dye & pedicure, needs a maid kinda girl. I hope you'll forgive me while I try to get my stuff together.. hhahaa.. but really.. don't we all have days like it?

So here we go "Keeping IT Real"

My self portrait, believe me you wouldn't want to see it in color.. not pretty!

Now here is something that is pretty.. its my new blog header. I bought it from House of 3, I love the colors, but recently decided that maybe I should have went with a brighter one for spring/summer.

My favorite fast food has always been some sort of sub sandwich.. today we had Jimmy Johns.. my fave is the #12 {co-winkie-dink huh?} its the beach club-turkey, provo, cucumbers, sprouts and an avacado spread.. and probably MILLIONS of calories.. but I'm in love.. so hush!

I had to take care of an auto claim for my boss who was rear-ended by a dude on his cell phone not paying attention this weekend. A good lesson for all of us .. pay attention while driving!

This past weekend a lil fella about 5 was riding his bike, lost control on a hill and ran into a moving car. Our community is in awe, that some child hasn't been hit before this. So we are banding together and making plans for a community safety carnival or some kind of something to get the kids involved, recite the rules of the road and general safety. I'm super psyched about it.
As you can see I have other ideas for the community as well.

And here is JAWS.. its hard to get a good photo.. but he is a pretty beta.. I mean handsome!
{oh and fierce!}
This is the FIRST time I've ever voted for an American Idol!!! I so want Adam to at least get to the finale' and NOT Gokey. ;)

Another Tuesday night ritual besides AI is watching Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. I loveeee this show. Tonight he was in Austrailia..

Lately.. I have been too tired to even put on my jewelry in the mornings. I know I have went to work several times this week without earrings.. what a weird feeling!

Ok.. so this is GROSS.. but again with keeping it real. Todds chore is to clear the dishwasher so that I can load... this evening he did not. Rest assured, by the time we left for work the next morning they were all done up.

This is where it gets ugly... real ugly... See that circle.. its highlighting the fact that I need a dye job.. BAD. My hair has grown about 3 inches since the last week of March. Its yuck, but I still have to wait til payday. Its just what has to go down. Luckily I don't work around a whole lot of people and men that just don't give a darn. Cuz I defintely don't feel put together these days!

Ok, if you hate feet.. LOOK AWAY.. Im sorry. But this is a good example of what I've been saying... I need a pedicure. I need help. I'm not perfect.. and sometimes unfortunately it shows... it shows badly.

Thanks for hanging in there! It was a anxiety filled 12 of 12. But there ya have it!


Kimmy said...

Your baby piggie toes are funny. It looks like the pinkie toes are photoshopped attached on or something. LOL We had subs yesterday too. And honey, I think you look fine. I'm not seeing anything awful here silly girl.

Cheryl said...

You crack me up, girl - you made me LOL with your comment about Chuck and the Tuesday Pub! One thing I luv about you is that you're ALWAYS real - and that's a FAB thing!!

Brooke said...

I loved seeing you in "real" life. You are so pretty and I love your hair up in that little clip.

jinxi~ aka angi said...

LOL Kimmy.. those baby piggies have been broke so many times. I was squishin' my feet together so they were actin' all weird.. hhahahaaa

Gina said...

I just have to ask . . . did the tattoo your toe hurt??? I've always wanted one on my toe, but the guy that Joe had his done by refused to do tats on the toes! Why I have no idea!!!

Angi, you in the "REAL" isn't as bad as you think . . . I had my hair cut this afternoon and guess what my sister found afterwards??? A GRAY HAIR!!! OMG!!! LOL :D . . . if more of those pop up I will have to start having my hair dyed! :)

Gina said...

OOPS!!! Sent that off too soon . . . your Adorable! :)

merideth said...

i followed you here from kimmy's blog, who i've been looking at since january's 12-of-12...

lol is what first comes to mind. you are a brave woman to show that sink! (i hid mine from view and just show my dishwasher shelves :D)

i will certainly be back again - i really like your style! :)

Amie said...

thanks for sharing your 12! great pics, really! I was too busy planning for disneyland and didn't do any, so yours are GREAT!