Thursday, May 28, 2009


Im back to scrapping. Im having fun especially with the cards. I used to think everything needed to be like a 6x8 or so .. but I have decided that I really like scaling it down and doing the little note cards a lot. Last night I did this one from some Rusty Pickle scraps left over from another layout Id done. I used the BG dinosaur rubon as well and then took some edging and inked it and used it as grass. I wish Id inked some green into it.. but hey it was late, I forgot. haha. Anyway, thanks for checking it out. Hunter told me this morning "This is MY card" and I almost couldnt pry it out of his lil hands to take a pic. LOL

In other news~Tomorrow Todd and I are off and we take Hunter to the elementary to do Pre-K testing. Im excited about it, so is Hunter and then we'll take him out to lunch. I think he already has a place picked.

I finally got to talk to my Mom, I hadnt spoke to her in several weeks. I was really missing her. Sometimes I wonder if she misses me as much. We had a good talk, and then I had to call her back and tell her everything I forgot to tell her in the first conversation.. hahahaa

Yesterday was a great day at work. We have been sooo busy lately. My boss and his dad "the big boss" came into my office and surprised me with my yearly review. I had been expecting a review, but they always run behind so didnt know when theyd get to it. So yesterday was a nice surprise. Even more so when they presented me with an awesome raise. Im now making more than I have at any other job Ive ever had. Im proud of myself and happy that Im fortunate enough to like my job. I think I'll stay. ;) hehee

sooooo..... any new projects you've been working on? What about the week-hows it going?

ok, so I couldnt help it.. here is the layout I did last night too... hehee ;)


Amie said...

you're so the boy stuff and the dinosaur!

Cheryl said...

Oh, Angi - did ya hear me laughing?? Loved your comments about Sam and I'm so glad you like your goodies!! Enjoy! I LOVE your new card and layout - doesn't it feel good to scrap again?

Carol A. said...

Your are rockin' it in the gallery over at CS've been busy! I am so glad you are back to your wonderful scrapping...keep it up!

jinxi~ aka angi said...

YES and thank you so much for your encouragement girls!!!

Gina said...

Looks like you've been pretty busy!LOVE that dinosaur stuff . . . too Cute! :)