Friday, September 14, 2007

Totally ME~

This is so totally me... a little bit country and a little bit city... I prefer the country and all that it has... the fresh air, the sound of animals, the open skies, fields and gardens and trees and grass... even hay. I just love it all. And then we have the city... I love the fashion, the shopping, the culture and arts.
Somedays I struggle though with both... the boredom of the country and the hustle-bustle of the city.
OMGOSH... does this make me a double personality??? ... ooo self-discovery time... haha Cristal from Crazy 8's sure did open a can of worms here with this challenge. hahaa
Nawww.. Im just me. A huge worrier, an emotional girl that takes literally everything to heart. Some say that is a sign of weakness.. I say whatever... because Im strong and know myself very well. I wont lie, its not in me to do it. Im an open book, a friendly sort. I believe a smile will get you most anything you want. I like being the speaker in a forum, and I guess I love attention. Im a friend who tries desperately to be there, Im a mother who feels guilty for not having my older boys with me.. and this my friends is something I struggle with on a daily basis. Im a wife who is absolutely in love with her husband... Ive been married 4 times.. and I have to say this is the one.. I knew from the moment I saw him.. and I think we were made for one another. Im a sister, yes the older one... and boy those brothers of mine are like my best friends. Im a daughter... my Mom was my best friend for so long. My Dad GOD rest his soul was my rebel partner. He would turn over in his grave if he knew the life I was given when he gave me up for a better one. Im all of these things, the days and nights of constant division and product of my surroundings. Im happy, Im sad, Im guilty, Im totally me....

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Blueyecicle said...

Somedays I wonder if I am in a really crazy scripted movie! Ahh the ups and downs that make you YOU! (: That's what makes yous o special. And not *special* in that way! haha