Sunday, September 02, 2007

Funky Town~

I was thinking the other day about what song Id chose for my MySpace layout.. I love to switch it up and usually do once a week or more... sometimes several times a day... LOL...
Anyway, I got to thinking about the one song that I have been hearing a bunch on 106.5 The Arch
FUNKY TOWN... It just makes me want to get up and dance.. it makes me want to sing.. it makes me happy!
So, I put it on my page and turned it up while Todd was in the shower.. he came out dancing... I was like see, this song just makes people happy.... I began to tell Todd what it did for me when I was a kid. It took me away.. I didnt have the most *wonderful* of childhoods.... and on the weekends when my Mom worked {she was my safe haven}Id be in charge of all the *womanly* duties.. Id spend all day in the laundry room and kitchen, cleaning with a toothbrush. I was OCD back then even...hahaa But then again I had all weekend right? So my parents bought this huge blackboard and put it in the laundry room which was right off the kitchen. While I was doing my chores Id listen to the American Top 40 Countdown via Kasey Kasem, Id write the songs on that blackboard as I sang and danced and cleaned...heh, kinda like Cinderella... I dont know, it just took me away... I was in my own little world. And I remember this song.. I remember the artist... Lipps, Inc. I thought wow, what a cool name for a band... What a groovy song!!!!.... It just made the weekends at home amidst the rotten stuff go by...and it was my escape. ;)


Nicole said...

ok, this post made me laugh because my mom and dad had one of those HUGE console stereos...with LP and 8-track capability.

i remember TWO LP'a...the Rolling Stones and LIPPS, INC.!!

love it...=)

beckster said...

why did you write them down? just to keep track? that sounds like a great escape!!! and that is a fun song!

Blueyecicle said...

I loved the Beach Boys!

Kimmy said...

I did this too! I'd write them all down and memorize all their positions. Then I would drive my mother crazy letting her know which song was at what number all week long when it came on the radio.