Sunday, August 26, 2007

Oh does this make me happy~

Im so happy to share a love of mine... naww its not the guys this time.. but it is my love for antique crocks.. well heck they dont even have to be antique.. I just love crock-ware period. Especially the big ol' bowls.. and since they are all high upon my shelves I couldnt get a good pic of them... so I took a pic of the ones I could. And my favorite of all.... which oddly isnt a bowl at all. Anyway... here we go..The first is a pic of a crock my brother got me one year from Fulton, MO... and in the background is a very nice large bowl that my Mom presented me for my birthday a few years back. The second pic is a crock jug like thingiemigger that I bought when out in South Dakota.. Got it at a place right across from the famous Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota in 1998.
Im so happy to have this one thing to collect... and although I havent purchased one in a while... still everytime I pass an auction or antiques place.. or even a flea market I always go straight to the crocks and wish my lil heart for another to add to my collection. ~Oh I almost forgot to mention that I have been handed down a few crocks in my life too.. They are on top of my shelves as well. One set I got at my ex-husbands Grandparents telling how old those bowls are... but I will always treasure them.


Cat said...

I've been to the corn palace! WA HOO! Some friends of mine live in Mitchell. Cool crocks!

beckster said...

thats some cool stuff!!!!

Blueyecicle said...

Very fun Ang!