Sunday, August 19, 2007

Isnt summer over yet??~

Im sooo ready for fall it isnt even funny. Someone asked the other day what I accomplished this summer and what I wanted still to accomplish before fall. The only thing I can think is staying cool, especially the past few weeks! I always feel so guilty because Im in my office at work freezing and the guys come in from working out in 100 degree weather. ;( I am, however, proud of the flowers and tomato garden that Todd did this year. I will give him full credit as it was him that kept them truely alive... I guess you could just say that I admired and bragged on him and his fruitful goodies. I feel like we did get to do most of the sight-seeing that I wanted with the family short of going to Springfield, IL to see the President Lincoln scthuff.. but then again summer isnt over. I guess true this, our summer isnt over completely until we make our yearly trip to Branson, which is coming up the weekend after Labor Day.. I cant wait!!! All of this ties into my scrapbooking, I cannot lie. I love the earthy tones and tend to scrap in those colors a lot... it also helps having all boys. I have a hard time scrapping the bright colors... to me they just dont seem right. Although I sure do try!!! Here is one I did last night... I followed a layout from this months issue of Scrapbook, Etc. One last thing... YaY to summer almost being over... Amen!! ;)


beckster said...

hey wait a minute-------- you accomplished visiting me!!! what the hell?!?!?! hahahahaha!!!

Cat said...

MMMMM tomatoes! LOVE THEM!

jinxi said...

Crap.. making it to and from Minnesota in one piece.. and hallaluaha for making it there and back before the bridge collapsed!!! I had a blast... and hey guess what you guys.. this was my first time ever.. having a girls only.. ME ME ME time away!!! YESSSS... thanks Beckster!