Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Scrapbooking~Is it hobby or is it a lifestyle???

Well... if you asked me that question my first response would be.... its just a hobby. But if you gave me a minute to think about it, youd come to realize it was much more a part of my life....therefore a lifestyle. I havent been scrapbooking long at all. I consider myself still just a beginner. I love it. I should have known from wayyyyy back that Id someday do something like this. I had a wonderful teacher-My Grandma. She kept every newspaper clipping, school program, flower and ALWAYS had a camera around her neck!!! Scrapbooking these days just takes all that to another level... an artsy way of expressing all the emotions that go along with the pictures that we take and collect. Its a story book... and I think that if I leave my sons with this wonderful story book of their lives and those before them that they will want to retell and that it will go on and on for forever... and this is what drives me.
Now... I look up to my peers and often seek out their advise regarding layouts, products and shops. I value their opinions and learn from them. My peers have also led me to be a die hard follower of several different brilliant artists. My peers have also became good friends, even if via the internet. These are people that Id like to someday meet... I dont think that they would ever be able to comprehend how much this is MY life.. other than my husband and children. :)


Valerie said...

You children are going to LOVE you for doing this one day when they are old enough to understand why you did it! And just think we you wouldnt have me in your life...then what would you do??? JK! Love all your work and don't ever stop scrapping!

Florida Girl said...

awe Angi...you have such and 'Old Soul' and it is one of the many reasons why I like you so much. Your kids will love the legacy of love that you are creating for them. You are beautiful inside and outside - your Grandma must have been an amazing lady if you rubbed off on her.