Thursday, September 07, 2006

This morning I woke up~

I awoke this morning as my late Grandma Overstreet. Her name is Freda Fern Overstreet {Turley}. I love history, I love my community and I love horses. I love my husband who has stood by me for over 60 years. I love my grandchildren and never miss an opportunity to take a picture of them and scrap it in an album... even if I do cut their heads off in most pictures. hehee I love working at the title company. My granddaughter admires me for my quick typing skills and says she wants to be just like me when she grows up. I like to go back and forth to the courthouse on my daily runs looking over all the County Clerks new entries. Im a Daughter of the American Revolution. I love my church and going to dinner after church every Sunday with my husband Harold. I always have Juicy Fruit gum in my purse and a goody drawer at the house for my grandchildren. I also have a hidden drawer that has a Big Chief red tablet and pencils for them to draw with/on. I love my silk pajamas and sitting in my breakfast nook each morning eating my soft boiled egg on toast while lounging and reading the newspaper. I love to cook and enjoy having the family to my house for each and every holiday and will be offended if they do not show. I love quilting and crocheting. I love reading all the girlie magazines and Country Living as well. Im not much of a dog person as I once had a horrible accident trying to avoid a little *to-to* dog. I have a love for jewelry and antiques. My most treasured items are my Prussian Ware and my Portland Ware. My life has been long, good and gentle. I love my family and they love me. I have warm hands and a very warm heart.

Note~I miss my grandma soooo much, she passed away February 20, 2006. If there was one thing I could do that I didnt do before is go back when my grandma still had a sound mind and spend time with her asking her all the things I need to know. Things that hopefully I could remember until like her they were stolen away unknowingly.

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beckster said...

it's great that you know the stuff that you do. i am always asking my grandparents questions. i love old people and everything that they have to say. if they don't tell someone, it will be gone with thme, and the idea of that makes me sad. i am sorry for you that you lost your grandma. i couldn't live with out mine. thanks for sharing!