Monday, October 02, 2006

Land of the Lost~

When I was a kid I love the cartoon Land of the Lost. I had a crush on Will and the Dad was pretty fine too. I used to pretend to be Holly... now that I look back...what a strangoid I was LOL. Anyway... It was adventure and excitement all rolled into one. I was sad that they were lost, but excited at the possibility that someday they may be rescued or sent back. I loved that Holly had a pet baby dinasour! I was frightened when the Sleestax would sneak up on them and try to get them. I think I liked this show because it looked real ya know... not all cartoonish... Maybe thats why I obsess over reality tv now as an adult! haha

One year and I cant remember the year... I wanted to dress up as a Sleestax for Halloween. My mom tried and tried to convince me otherwise... but I had to... I wish I had a picture of it... I think only grandma does and thats in another state... Maybe one day....
Good memories there I tell memories!!!


Jen said...

holy heck~ I so loved that show!!!! No one ever knows what I'm talkin about when I remember this show!!

Thank heavens Angi! You got it too!!!
Good times!

beckster said...

i never saw that show. i've heard of it though. is that the pic of the dude you were?

doll~ said...

Yup, thats a Sleestax... altho I may be spelling the name wrong... anywho... that was me...heheee