Friday, June 12, 2009

What a week!~

What a week! and Im stillll smilin' ^^^ hahaa.. Crazy I guess!

Ive worked over and through lunch every day. Just so I could have today off. Was it worth it? Im not sure because its 9.30am and I want to go back to bed. Instead I need to shower and get the boys ready and everyone packed up, including Ruby to head back to Fulton tonight for Justices ballgame- that will
probably be rained out since we are hurrying. Todd has a doc appt. too right in the middle of everything. And of course he wants me to go with. Men are big babies!Hunter IS the "muffin man".. but wants ya'll to know.. not the scary one! {He is terrified of the Muffin Man in the Shrek movie.. lol.

This week I have learned:
1} One of my workers tells our clients that he is the "boss man"
2} We have "cardboard dumpsters" .... and the "boss man" is the one responsible for that stunt!
3} Justice is ONE sensative boy. He broke down when I asked him why I should give him $5 for an allowance.
4} I cant type very fast on a keyboard that letters stick {sooo asking the boss for new keyboard and cordless mouse}
5} Todd is more and more handsome everyday and I totally love him in contacts.
6} Ruby has seperation anxiety.
7} I cant be two places at one time and it sucks.
8} My Dad must have a golden horse shoe planted in his hiney. LUCKY
9} That I am only cheating myself by not losing the weight {thanks Gina}
10} Things ALWAYS happen for a reason, keep looking forward and forget the past {but learn from it too}.
Justice got so tired of me snapping pics this week.. especially in the morning! LOL

ok.. so off we go. It will be a stressful trip-hence the above 2 places at one time. But we'll make it through.... someone/something has to bend. Hope ya'll have a great weekend! When I get back I am hoping to scrap, Id like to enter the GDT contest at CS this time... as I loveee that sketch. We'll see though. Time rules all ya know! Here are a couple cards I did do this past weekend!

oooo and when I get back I'll be presenting June 12 of 12... I am so happy that it happened on a day that we'll be back home! woot woot!


linda said...

Sounds like you have a hectic weekend ahead of you.. Love the cards, they are awesome..

Cat said...

Wow lady. I know you were getting frustrated on your phone yesterday, but it was great talking to you for a bit!

Angie said...

Dang, you are a busy lady. I hope you enjoy your weekend. Your cards are awesome.

Gina said...

Cute Cards Angi! :)

Kimmy said...

I just can just picture Justice saying awww mommmmmmmmmm