Sunday, June 14, 2009

June 12 of 12~

Hi there.. its that time again for the months 12 of 12! I was so happy that we were going "back home" on this 12 of 12.. but found that I really didnt take as many pics as I normally do. I guess it was because it was a quick over-night trip. Maybe next time....

Anyway.. here was our day, our 12 of June.

The boys and I started out the morning hanging out in the truck waiting for Todd while he had his checkup at the docs office. They were pretty bored until the Arch medic chopper came in.. then it was all eyes watching them land, take the gurney out and then bringing the patient out and taking off again...

We left the doc office and headed out to Fulton, Missouri-my home town. We were taking Justice home and going to stay and watch one of his Little League Baseball games and hang out with my Dad.... but on the way we got hungry and stopped in St.Charles at one of our fav spots to eat with the boys.. Pizza Street affectionately called "pizza heaven" by the boys. I was so proud of them, they knew we were on a time crunch and didnt even give us a hard time about not staying to play in the arcade.. I think they were excited to get back to the "country".

oh yeah.. I have to put in the self portrait... this was before we left.. and me fresh out of the shower .. and can you believe.. once again its time for a stupid hair cut! Ugh.. I cant do anything with my hair except clip the top up. I dont think this "cut" is right for the humid conditions we've been having around here lately. Which makes me think I should have took some photos of the recent tornado that hit about 2 miles from our house.. oh well.. just lots of roof tops covered now.... anyway..

We got into town around 3ish and one of the first things I noticed of course was the different and new buildings going up on the south end of town. Now, the south end of town was booming at one time back when I was growing up. Thats where WalMart and the main grocery store was.. but then everything moved out north when they put up the super WalMart. The south end started dying out, which made me kinda sad.. yup I was and am a southern part of town girl. Anyway with all this new re-building on the south end.. I noticed these really intricate and sweet looking lamp posts adorning the streets. Dont you just love them?

ahhhh another thing I love about "back home".. my Dads old farm house.. and of course Dad with his droopy smile.. just like an awaiting basset hound happy to see us come home. hehee

Ruby even loved it.. she ran with wild abandon for about a good half hour, both boys chasing her.. I was laughing so hard. They were all scared she'd run off, but I knew she was just full off piss and vinegar and needed to stretch in the fresh cut grass after that long ride in her kennel!
ps: Can you tell she had just had a bath too? hahaa.. dogs!

Well, being in the country Hunter was asking Grandpa about this bug and that slug and just about anything he could think of that had to do with critters. We walked around the side of the house and I saw the top to the cellar. I hadnt even noticed it before, so we were standing there talking about it and Dad said that the bullfrog he had put down in there about 3 years ago was still living ... soooo of course we all wanted to take a look...and there he was.. proud protector of Dads cellar.... FRED~

So after our short visit we got Justice off to his game. He did really well and I got some really great pics. Watching him and witnessing his sportsmanship mannerisms really made me proud. He is truly a team player. The game lasted over TWO hours.. boy was it long! I was actually getting a bit concerned as that's a long time for 9 year old boys. But they persisted and you wont believe this.. but the score ended 12-12!!!!
and ya'll wont believe this either.. but when I say I love the "country and thats where Im from"... know it, because I almost posted a pic of the coach out on the field wearing cowboy boots. hahaa. It was a tough choice hahaaa ;)

and THIS made me proud too.. watching Hunter cheer on his brother, mimic all of the players and the joy that it all brought to him. Well, it just made me beam!

After the game Dad met us in town and took us out to Mexican {Hunters and Grandpas fav!}, it was late, but boy was it good and the place was packed.. a true sign of great food and service. When we got back to Dads we sat down and relaxed {him in his recliner as per usual} and we talked about the week and the news of him winning the Powerball that week.. $10K!!! and talking about how he missed hitting $19 million by ONE number. hahaa. What a lucky dude!
Maybe next time huh? ;) We can all only hope! hahaa

It was a great day to do the 12 of 12 and a wonderful day off work. I was happy to get to see Justice play ball and be back in my element of the country. It is not without some heartache though. Seeing/being around the ex-husband and feeling the anxiety in which surrounds such visits..I keep hearing my Mom say "No one ever said it'd be easy"... but yeah it was ultimately worth every bit.

How'd your 12 of the 12th day of June go?


merideth said...

a great 12th! love the mohawk on your little guy. :)

i showed my little guy the bullfrog. we found him interesting b/c we just discovered last week that bullfrog tadpoles remain in the tadpole state for 2 years!

anyway, loved your 12-of-12, but feel oddly empty b/c i didn't see the coach in cowboy boots, lol.

Cat said...

Yeah, I think you need to show the coach in boots. Meredith and I need it. :-P

Kimmy said...

i wanna hug your daddy. he's pretty cute. i'm glad justice got to get in on the 12 of 12 thing. did you tell him about it? awesome score for that day too! and i like your hair, better than my flippy bun everyday.

Gina said...

Looks like it was a wonderful trip even if it was a quick one! :) All I've been doing lately is clipping up my hair too either that or throwing on a hat!

Brooke said...

I love your hair up in that is so cute! Thanks for sharing your 12 of 12 pictures. :)