Thursday, May 01, 2008

He is a fisherman!~

Yup... my son has become a fishin' fool!!! Last weekend Todd took Hunter and Justice down to Boonville, Missouri to camp with my brother Neal and turkey hunt. Justice got to turkey hunt and although he didnt have a good shot at anything, had a wonderful experience. The next day they all went fishing and caught a few small fish. Todd said that Hunter threw down when they told him it was time to leave the lake. Other than that the kid did real well all weekend ... imagine that.. away from Momma and all. I enjoy the fact that Hunter is going to be a fisherman... He is taking to the country like his brothers, Daddy and Uncles have. He will grow close with Todd in the future while doing their outdoor sporting. I hope that this summer they do more outings.. it means a lot to me to go with them too, but every now and then Momma needs a break and it eases my mind to know that they are actually enjoying the break from me too! ;) Yay Summer!!! Yay Hunter!!!!

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