Thursday, October 25, 2012

MIA for a YEAR!!!! What???

Say it isnt so... A  year?  Really? ... well at least I dont have to change the decor' around here! hehehe

So... Im  no longer in St. Louis... moved back home {Fulton, MO} almost a year ago... I moved over the Thanksgiving holiday.  And wow.. its not far off here again soon.

It has been a very very rough and stressful year.  Everything from missing my little boy Hunter who chose to live with his father 2 hours away from me to having a new permanent man in my life... to the trials and tribulations of me trying to sell my house in St.L and how depressing it was to come back home and start over with nothing and basically have nothing.

Im doing ok though.. things are finally working through.  I still am broke as a joke, but Ive accepted that Hunter is living with his Dad.. sold my house {what a friggin' nightmare} and have recently committed to a relationship with someone very special to me. 

I figured a way to post via work, so I may have some quiet moments coming up in the near future where I can post and share with you all again on a regular basis.. I really miss blogging and reading others! 

ps:  Facebook really did change a lot of us huh?  and, I simply am no exception!

More to come...


Amie said...

You're doing fantastic for all you've been through this year!! Don't lose heart, and keep those updates coming!

Cheryl said...

Wow I had no idea what you've been through!!!! Hang in there! Hugs to you!