Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My 12 of 12~

12 of 12 was created by Susan and is basically this: on the 12th of each month, take bunches of pictures of every day life, anything and everything, interesting or not, simply to document the day. Then, pick your favorite 12 and ideally, scrapbook them or post them on your blog. When you look back later, it's fun to see these little glimpses of what life was like on the 12th of each month.
My friend Amie has done this for a while and I decided to share with my friends and get on the ball and do it myself...

This is my 12 of 12 for the month of January 2009....

Hunter said lots of prayers with his Momma.. I love how he always starts "Dear God, thank you for all of my toys and games.. then he'll peek at me and start again with the thank yous... so sweet! I pray for sanity, strength and that all my boys will remain safe, happy and healthy!

I dont know what the sudden interest in sharks has come from, but every we have been having to read this shark book to Hunter at least twice per night. hehee

I thought short hair would be less work... uhhh wrong!!!! hahahaa. I use all these products, the dryer andddd the flat iron every morning.. the good thing is it does take less time. ;)

Lunch these days ... we are trying this year to not eat out for lunch but one day per week.. so my typical lunch is this.. I love the spice in the noodles and avocados.. well if I have salad, I like a lil chopped up in there with it.

January is 2 of the boys birthdays... Justice on the 19th, and Hunter on the 20th. They are both gamers and we thought one of these video rockers would be a great gift... so on the search for the best priced one.

A highlight of my month... My brother Neal staying with us for a week while he takes classes at the AF Base next door. Its been real nice chatting with him about the old times and seeing him interact with Hunter!

January brings PAIN... major knee pain because of the cold weather. I take 3 of these lil pills a night before bed just to get a minor bit of relief so that I can sleep. Oh man the cold sucks when you have arthritis!!!

We've been working really hard with Hunter and following his chore chart. If he does all of his chores and gets good marks for 2 weeks in a row, he gets a treat such as a movie date. He is doing GREAT and I think we will either be seeing Hotel for Dogs or Paul Blart Mall Cop.

If you have boys you can relate. This month we fixed the boys up a room together and our friend Matt gave us a gun rack for the boys to hang their toy guns. There is another in their room too.. it holds both guns and bows... ahh the life with boys.

Well.. my never ending battle with laundry is finally over... I caught up!!! Woot Woot!

Self portrait.. the dreaded for REAL... Hunter took this pic after being up and working for about 16 hours. I was tired but happy... notice the nails? Im missing 3 hahaaa.. I need a manicure badly! ;)

This is Hunter teaching Mommy how to disarm a bomb while playing SoCom on the PS2... I have soooo much to learn! hahaha


Jenny B in Indy said...

#1 is SOOOO precious!!!!

linda said...

Where did you find the chore chart?? I get to get one for each of the boys.. Great photos,

Angie said...

Great pictures girls! I love this idea, I might have to try it myself.

Amie said...

Great job!!

3 things:

short hair is way more work! I love short hair, but I don't have the time it takes to 'do it' every day, you know?

How much are those chairs? I'm very interested.

And lastly, I love the chore chart!

Cheryl said...

Love that 12 of 12 - I might have to try this!!

Kimmy said...

yeah im laughing at the gun rack, that kills me over. i wish i could see your hair more, just curious about this great cut you got.

Taryn said...

Very cool 12 of 12! And I totally wouldn't have noticed your nails. I'm envious...I love to grow my nails long, or even more fun--have acrylics put on. But, since I play piano, it is VERRRRRY rare I get to do either! Can't have the clicking around on the keys! So, I think you are a lucky girl! :)

JennK said...

Great pics Angie and sooo hapy to hear you won your laundry battle for the moment...ha! Wish I could say the same. I am so going to do this next month (the 12 for 12..not laundry battles *giggle*) I love your pics.