Saturday, January 05, 2008

Happy 2008~

Wow, I cannot believe that its already the 5th. Heck it will be the 6th in about 30 minutes. Already Im behind in some of the things I wanted to accomplish in 2008. Why is it the older you get the faster the time goes??? hahaa That is something I will just never ever understand. Anywho.. Lets see. Whats been going on with me. Well... lots of work, work work work. Its been a stressful time there lately and it seems my work is never done. Im hoping that soon it will calm so that I can actually get some scrapping done... hahahaa ... naw really I just would like everything to be smooth. But sincerely, I wonder if it ever is with anything with anyone. Ahh well. Everything is going good on the homefront. Next weekend we are throwing a birthday party for the 2 younger boys. Justice will be 8 and Hunter will be 3. I cant believe again how fast time flies. Soon Preston will be 19.. YES.. sad hahaa. I think we are going to hang out at Chuck E. Cheeses for games and then come home and have pizza and cake with the family. Easy peasy is what Im hoping for. We are getting them brand new matching bikes, the ones that look like dirt bikes/motorcycles.. oh yeah they are going to FLIP! I cant wait. I hope Preston can make it up as well. Then next on the agenda is seeing my Momma... she is coming up with her husband on the 14th. Im planning on taking that day off and fixing a HUGE turkey dinner with all the fixins. I also have a yearly pap/female checkup. Terrible me hasnt done that since Hunter was born... yes THREE years ago. Im anxious to just go ahead and get it over with. I need the day to myself too. I cant wait. I may also go and have my hair professionally dyed/frosted. We will see. Well, I need to hit the hay so that I can get an extra wink or two before the lil one is up. Happy New Year everyone... I hope to be reading more and more blogs this year and hope that a few new folks pop in here every now and again... and my old friends come by and visit too. I'll leave you with a pic of the boys and I a couple days after Christmas. I thought it turned out decent despite my funky hair... hahaa. ~

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