Tuesday, November 13, 2007

So Excited!!!!~

Today... I won a bid on eBay for this purse~
Im sooo freakin' excited. I totally love it and got it for about $20 cheaper than retail. I hope and pray that it is as nice in person as it is here. I was even more excited because of the cell phone holder on the side! I had decided when I went to lunch today that I wouldnt try for it, as I could have used the money for new jeans or something else in my life... but then thought to myself upon returning... NO you DESERVE this!!! So I did it.. I think Todd was a bit shocked that I went ahead and did it as its not usually something I would do so spontaneously and this close to Christmas. He said, well consider it your birthday present from me... I was like honey, didnt you get me something? and he said yeah, a DOLLAR.. haha oh yeah... well thank you sweetie! hehee... ;)~

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beckster said...

that purse is soooo you! i hope it gets to you soon!